School Trips To Switzerland

A fantastic opportunity for students who have a passion for physics, school trips to Switzerland allow pupils to explore the inner workings of CERN and ponder how the universe was created. Geneva is also a brilliant educational tour for French students, with guided tours around the city providing ample opportunities for pupils to practise their speaking and listening skills.

 At WST, our in-house subject and destination specialists can help you arrange every aspect of your Switzerland school trip, from finding school-friendly accommodation to suggesting study visits that meet your students’ learning objectives.

 We offer the following unforgettable school trips to Switzerland:

Top Attractions



The European Organisation for Nuclear Research, CERN is home to some of the world’s most powerful particle accelerators. Using complex scientific instruments to study the basic constituents of matter, scientists at CERN are trying to find answers to some of our big questions about the universe, such as ‘what is the universe made of?’ and ‘how did it start?’. Students can take a 3 hour guided tour of the facility, before examining the fascinating exhibitions which focus on CERN’s main missions and the mysteries of the universe.

The Museum of Natural History

One of the city’s most popular museums, school trips to Geneva give science and technology students the opportunity to explore the Museum of Natural History. Covering a massive 8,000m², the museum attracts 250,000 visitors every year with its fascinating displays of fauna and exhibitions on the history of humankind. Budding scientists can explore this expansive museum, discovering how the Earth has evolved over time.  

Walking Tour: The Essentials of Geneva


 A great way to get your bearings when you first arrive in Switzerland, ‘The Essentials of Geneva’ Walking Tour will take your students through the district of international organisations and down to the cobbled streets of the Old Town. With your guide relaying a plethora of information about Geneva, the tours are available in either English or French, allowing your French students to use their linguistic skills during the excursion.


We can offer school groups a range of accommodation options in Geneva. There’s accommodation available to meet a mix of different budgets and preferences, although our top choice accommodation for Geneva are located centrally. Hotels and hostels in Geneva provide a free Geneva City Travel Pass on arrival which can be used on all buses, trams and selected yellow taxi boats in the city.

Local Cuisine


From indulgent cheese fondue to their world renowned Swiss chocolate, the Swiss take their influences from French, German and Italian cuisine. There’ll be plenty of opportunities for students to sample a few dishes during their school trip, with lots of shops and cafes for them to grab a bite to eat. At WST, we can also book your evening meals at school-friendly restaurants on your behalf, providing suggestions of the best places to eat in the city.

Hidden Gems

Favarger Chocolate Tour

A Switzerland school trip wouldn’t be complete without a visit to one of their celebrated chocolate factories. Students can take tour of the Favarger chocolate factory, learning about the brand’s history which dates back over 200 years, and discovering how their chocolates are made. Pupils will also be able to sample the chocolate at the end of the tour – an experience which is always very popular!



As well as exploring Geneva, students on school trips to Switzerland also have the opportunity to explore Switzerland’s enchanting capital. From touring Einstein’s former residence where he formulated the Theory of Relativity, to exploring the Houses of Parliament, Bern has a collection of exciting study visits to capture your students’ imaginations.


Just over an hour outside of Geneva, Evian-les-Bains is a stunning town on the edge of the picturesque Lake Leman in the French Alps. Famous for its natural spring water, Evian, students can take a 90 minute guided tour of the region in either French of English. A great way to encourage your students to exercise their French speaking and listening skills, the tour explores the area’s key sights and gardens.

Why WST?

At WST, we’re on hand to support you through arranging your entire school tour. Here are just some of the reasons why many teachers choose us as their preferred school trip provider:

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  • We’re a four-time winner of Best School Tour Operator at the School Travel Awards – an accolade which is voted for by teachers

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When staying in Geneva, public transport is free! Most visits are within easy reach but we can provide private coaching if you prefer.

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