Primary Trips & Tours to Stratford Upon Avon

Take your students to Stratford to understand more about Shakespeare, the times he lived in and to introduce them to his work. In both Stratford On Avon you can visit a range of interactive and visits that will bring Shakespeare to life for primary school pupils. Not only that, Stratford is an ideal base if you want your pupils to learn more about life in Medieval and Tudor England with some of the best living history visits around. 



Tour Day 1

Morning departure for arrival in Stratford around mid-day
Shakespeare Theatre workshop followed by a walking tour of Shakespeare’s Houses
Restaurant evening meal

Tour Day 2

Transfer to Warwick Cathedral for a day of medieval activities
Depart Stratford for your return journey


YHA Stratford

A beautiful Georgian building set in its own extensive grounds, this accommodation has excellent facilities and is superbly located just a short drive to Stratford. Highly recommended and groups must book early.

Travelodge, Stratford

The hotel is located 0.7 miles from Stratford train station and 1.2 miles from the Royal Shakespeare Company.

Study Visits

RSC 2023 Season

Hamnet:  1 April - 17 June

Cymbeline: 22 April - 27 May 

Macbeth: From March - dates TBC

As You Like It: From March - dates TBC

Shakespeare Theatre Workshops

These workshops are run by Stratford YHA so the benefit is that you can have your workshop where you are staying. Professionals run the workshops based around key Shakespeare themes and can focus on a particular play you’re studying.  This is a great introduction to Shakespeare. 

Warwick Castle

Located approx. 30 minutes drive from Stratford Warwick Castle offers is a great experience allowing your students to find out more about great battles, ancient myths, heroic knights and pampered princesses. 

Falstaffs Experience

This museum offers your students the chance to find out more about how the Tudors lived. 

Shakespeare’s Houses

Your students can visit key locations in Stratford that formed of Shakespeare’s life. There are 3 central houses:

  • Shakespeare’s birthplace – A perfect introduction to William Shakespeare’s work, life and times.
  • Anne Hathaway’s Cottage and Gardens – The childhood home of Shakespeare’s wife.
  • New Place – The site of Shakespeare’s final home in Stratford on Avon. 

If you have more time you can also visit Mary Arden’s Farm, where his mother grew up and Hall’s Croft, the home of Shakespeare’s sister.

RSC Workshop

The RSC provides workshops which explore the creative choices behind the current RSC Shakespeare productions or any Shakespeare play of your choice. 

Behind The Scenes Theatre Tour

Take a tour of the public and private spaces of the Royal Shakespeare Theatre and learn about the origins of the RSC and the theatre making process. 

The MAD Museum

Based in the centre of Stratford upon Avon, the museum (MAD stands for Mechanical Art and Design) displays interactive pieces of mechanical art, in particular; kinetic art and automata - think of the machines and gizmos used in Wallace and Gromit, Scrapheap Challenge and Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. Nearly everything is interactive which means kids can really get stuck in. They’re encouraged to press buttons and release their inner inventor. 

Guided Walking Tour Of Stratford

Take a guided walk around the historic streets of Stratford upon Avon.  Explore Stratford, its history, attractions and fascinating relationship with William Shakespeare. 


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