School Trips To Sicily

The largest island in the Mediterranean, Sicily is one of Italy’s most picturesque regions and lays claim to some of the most beautiful scenery on the continent. Home to Europe’s highest active volcano, Mount Etna, the region provides a fascinating case study for geography students, with its epic volcano, dramatic gorges and vast rivers all at their fingertips. As well as the island’s diverse geographical landscape, Sicily also has a hoard of historical and cultural treasures to discover, making this Mediterranean gem an unforgettable experience for students. We offer the following school trips to Sicily.

Top Attractions

Mount Etna 

Aerial View Of Volcano Etna In Sicily

Dominating the breath-taking Sicilian landscape, Mount Etna is not only Europe’s highest volcano, but also its most active. A thrilling experience for any budding geographer, students can embark on a guided Mount Etna adventure day which will take them up 2,900 metres above sea level and provide them with spectacular views of the summit and of Sicily below. An unforgettable experience which allows students to get to grips with their case study first hand, an alpine guide will also be on hand to offer a wealth of information throughout the tour.

Lipari and Vulcano 

Vulcano Island From Lipari

A fantastic trip available from mid-March to mid-October, students also have the opportunity to explore the beautiful volcanic islands of Lipari and Vulcano. Your first stop will be Lipari, the largest island in the archipelago which boasts a bustling port, fortified acropolis and rugged mountains.

From there, you’ll be taken to Vulcano, an island which is a hive of geothermal activity. Natural spas, bubbling mud pits and black volcanic beaches could fool you into thinking you’re on Mars rather than in the Mediterranean, however the island also throws up a whole host of learning opportunities for those studying the effects of tectonic movement.

Sicily Accommodation

Hotel Baia Degli Dei is located on the beach in Giardini Naxos with a great view of the sea and Mount Etna. This comfortable hotel is classed as a 3* and student rooms usually sleep four and have en-suite facilities, with staff staying in twins or singles that are also en-suite. All rooms have air conditioning and there is coach parking 300m from the hotel.  

Local Cuisine 


This stunning southern region of Italy is a hub of various cultures, taking its influences from a unique blend of French, Arabic and North African settlers. A true fusion cuisine, sampling a few Sicilian delicacies is an essential part of the school trip. If you’re not sure where to start with this unusual gastronomy, we recommend sampling sfincione, a type of street food pizza with a thick, doughy base; arancini, balls of rice filled with ingredients such as ragu or mozzarella; and pane e panelle, chickpea fritters served in a sandwich.

Hidden Gems

Strait of Messina 

Strait Between Sicily And Italy

The narrow passage between the eastern tip of Sicily and the western tip of Calabria, the Strait of Messina connects the Tyrrhenian and Ionian seas. Renowned for its strong tidal currents, the area’s unusual hydro-geological conditions have created a unique marine ecosystem, making it fascinating area for biodiversity and conservation. Students can take the chance to visit the fantastic viewpoint over the Linguetta di Sabbia, which offers unparalleled views of the unusual coastline.

Santa Maria dell'Ammiraglio

A breath-taking religious building in Palermo, Sicily, the church of Santa Maria dell'Ammiraglio is an unforgettable showcase of beautiful art and architecture. The walls and ceilings of the church are dominated by a series of spectacular 12th century mosaics, while the newer part of the building is decorated with numerous 18th century frescoes.

Alcantara Gorges 

Alcantara Gorge

Formed by Mount Etna’s volcanic activity, the Alcantara Gorges are one of Italy’s most spectacular natural sights. Stretching 50-metres high, the gorges are made up of slick black lava walls which have been forced into incredible patterns and formations, all framed by a stunning backdrop of flora and fauna.

Valle dei Templi

A captivating archaeological site on Sicily’s southwest coast, Valle dei Templi is one of the most impressive examples of Greater Greece art and architecture in the world. Located in Agrigento, Valle dei Templi is also the largest archaeological site in the world, spanning 1,300 hectares. Visitors can make their way around this spellbinding historical landmark, retracing the steps of ancient Greeks as they wander through the mesmerising temples.

WST Support in Sicily

Our expert local guides are available to accompany you for as little or as much of your trip as you wish. They are highly experienced in working with educational groups and have a vast knowledge of the sites we offer visits to. There are several sites in Sicily where having a local guide is compulsory, however these are mostly the classical sites.

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