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The Rhineland, a beautiful area of western Germany, is swimming in tradition and heritage, making it an inspiring school trip destination. Located along the Rhine river, Rhineland is a microcosm of the country it resides in, home to enchanted castles, dominant cliffs and quaint German villages – where students can really embrace the history and culture of this traditional country. As a UNESCO World Heritage Site, school groups can absorb the breath-taking scenery in this location, while visits to the nearby towns give German language pupils the opportunity to improve their vocabulary skills.

If that wasn’t enough, the Rhineland is also home to magical Christmas markets, which are a great enrichment or reward school trip option. The Cologne Christmas Markets epitomise the festive season, bursting with handmade gifts, sweet-smelling food, carousels and puppet shows – transforming the city into a Christmas haven.

At WST, we arrange educational tours to the Rhineland for:

We also arrange trips to the Christmas markets.

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Top Attractions 

Rhine River Cruise 

Rhine River

A cruise down the Rhine river is an all-encompassing way for students to truly absorb their surroundings and explore the spectacular Rhine Valley scenery, while learning about the history of this region. There are a number of routes to choose from, but one of the most popular is from Boppard to St. Goarshausen, where school groups will learn about the fascinating story of Lorelei rock. For German language students, the boat trip offers German and English commentary, helping them to further develop their language skills.

Cologne Christmas Markets

Christmas Markets

A must-visit attraction, the Cologne Christmas Markets are an unparalleled festive shopping experience, transforming the city into a magical Christmas wonderland full of decoration, where students can enjoy the best things about this particular time of year. From cinnamon biscuits and mulled wine to handmade gifts, these Christmas markets incorporate everything you would expect, including a charming ice skating rink, live music performances and stage events. Visiting the Cologne Christmas Markets is a great enrichment school trip, providing students with an unparalleled insight into the traditions of this exciting country.

Boppard Chairlift

Boppard Chairlift

The Boppard Chairlift is one of the most popular attractions in the Rhine Valley, taking students up nearly 240 metres high to Vierseenblick, where they can enjoy astounding views of the countryside. From Vierseenblick, also known as Four Lakes View, you can see a number of stunning lakes littered beneath, and unwind in the café located at the top.  

Phantasialand Theme Park

Theme Park

A fantastic enrichment and reward trip, Phantasialand is one of Germany’s most popular theme parks, where students can enter an enchanted world of fantasy and adventure. Located in Brühl, just outside Cologne, this magical theme park is swamped with exhilarating rollercoasters, activities and mesmerising live shows. From the ghostly Geister Rikscha – delving into the enigmatic world of Chinese mythology, to the Mystery Castle and River Quest rides, Phantasialand is an exciting, entertaining and highly recommended day trip for both students and teachers, where school groups can really let their hair down and have fun. 

Rhineland Accommodation


For school trips visiting from spring to autumn, some of the best places to stay are in the small towns south of Koblenz. At WST, we recommend the pretty town of Boppard, which has a great range of traditional family-run hotels - all providing a warm welcome and a comfortable stay. In Boppard, there are plenty of things to do nearby, including the chairlift, and it has great accessibility to key attractions along the Rhine Valley.  

If you are visiting the Rhineland for the enchanting Christmas markets, we recommend school groups stay in Cologne – at the centre of this festive retreat. Cologne has a fantastic range of youth hostels which are just a short journey on public transport to the market.

Local Cuisine

 Local Cuisine

At WST, we can book reservations with a number of restaurants and cafes that suit your budget, as well as offering the full Germanic experience. Favourite dishes include the Bratwurst, German dumplings and sauerbraten - a meaty pot roast marinated in wine, spices and herbs. The Christmas markets offer a little bit of everything, which means students can tuck in to a wide selection of mouth-watering local delicacies.

Hidden Gems

Siegfried's Mechanisches Musikkabinett

Translated as Siegfried’s Mechanical Music Cabinet, this is the first German museum of exactly what you would expect – astounding mechanical musical instruments. Displaying over 300 self-playing instruments from three centuries, this impressive collection really is something different for students to explore, and guides in German and English mean groups can hone in on their language skills. A 45-minute tour, which includes the opportunity to listen to the instruments’ mesmerising music, will have students interested in the German world of composition and melody at this unique attraction.

Imhoff Stollwerck Chocolate Museum

This independent museum highlights the extensive journey of cocoa and chocolate, from the Aztecs where it was the drink of the Gods, through to the industrialisation of this heavenly treat and finally its refinement to what we love today. Nine different exhibition areas showcase its awe-inspiring history, which open your eyes to how you see this confectionery. No visit to a chocolate museum is complete without a few tasters either!



Cochem is a picturesque town in the Rhine Valley, with beautiful architecture, quaint streets and an enchanting castle, situated in a sensational location on the Moselle river. Students can wander around this charming town, practise their language skills and explore Cochem Castle, as they grasp the quiet side to German culture.

WST Support and Activities

At WST, we arrange memorable, inspiring school tours to the Rhineland, where students can immerse themselves in the traditional German culture and experience the unforgettable Christmas markets – all the while improving their vocabulary.

If you’re visiting the Rhineland, we have some great free quizzes which will really help your students get to know the area more, improve their German language skills and also help them to understand the culture of the area. You can choose from the Boppard quiz, the Cologne quiz and there’s also a Cologne Christmas quiz if you’re visiting the Christmas markets. It’s a great way to keep your students stimulated during their free time. 

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The WST Cologne and Boppard quizzes are free. If you want your students to explore and learn more then these quizzes are an ideal way to get them out and about.

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