School Trips To Poland

The country which saw the highest number of civilian deaths during World War II, Poland was the location of many atrocities during the Holocaust. School trips to Poland allow students to gain a deeper understanding of the events that occurred, as well as delve into the political, social and psychological effects of the conflict.

At WST, our subject and destination experts will help you design a bespoke school trip which is tailored to your students’ learning objectives. An unforgettable school trip destination for history, religious studies, psychology and sociology students, we can recommend study visits which support and enhance your current study topics.

We offer the following school trips to Poland:

Top Attractions

Auschwitz-Birkenau Memorial and Museum

Poland 5

For students studying World War II, school trips to Auschwitz-Birkenau are a poignant experience. The largest concentration camp in Nazi Germany, over a million people lost their lives at the camp during the Nazi regime. Now a memorial and a museum, the camp serves as reminder of the cruelty that millions of Jews endured during the conflict. Students on an Auschwitz school trip can tour around the museum, learning about the concentration camp’s set up and the treatment of the those who were kept there.

Galicia Jewish Museum

A hub of information about the Holocaust, the Galicia Jewish Museum is an incredible resource for history and religious studies students. Celebrating the Jewish culture of Polish Galicia and commemorating the victims of the Holocaust, the museum aims to challenge Jewish stereotypes and break down misconceptions about Jewish history in Poland. At WST, we can arrange for your students to take a guided tour of the museum with Holocaust or Jewish Studies graduates, who have a wealth of knowledge they can pass on.

Guided Walking Tour of Krakow

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A great way to get your bearings in the city, pupils can embark on a half day walking tour through Krakow. Taking students around many of the significant historic locations, the tours are taken by guides from the Galicia Jewish Museum who can offer a wealth of knowledge about the Holocaust. Key stops along the tour include Kazimierz, Podgorze and the Schindler Factory and Museum. 

Poland Accommodation

We can offer a range of accommodation options in Poland which suit a mix of budget and location preferences. Our destination experts will be able to advise you which option might be right for you based on your specific requirements.

Local Cuisine

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School trips to Poland wouldn’t be complete without sampling a few traditional dishes. At WST, we can arrange for your students to try out a traditional Polish folklore meal and show, giving them a deeper insight into Polish culture. We can also help you book a number of more classically western restaurants suitable for school groups.

Hidden Gems

Schindler Factory and Museum

Made famous by the film Schindler’s List, Schindler’s enamelware factory can be found in Krakow’s Podgorze. Now a modern museum devoted to the experiences of those who lived through the war, students can explore the factory and discover what life was like for the Jews in Poland during World War II.

Krakow’s Main Market Square

Poland 8

Home to a number of historical sites, Krakow’s main market square is one of the largest in Europe. The Cloth Hall is regarded as the world’s first shopping centre and still plays host to a mass of retailers that students can explore. The 70-metre Town Hall Tower is also a popular tourist attraction, with visitors able to climb to the third floor and look out over the square, at certain times of year.

Nowa Huta

Situated on the outskirts of Krakow, Nowa Huta was built as a socialist showcase city at the end of World War II. Providing students with a fascinating insight into the communist ideology, Central Square dominates the heart of Nowa Huta and is considered to be a masterpiece of Soviet Union social planning. Psychology and sociology students can explore the constructs of the city while delving into the ideals of socialism.

Why WST?

At WST, we can help you arrange a school trip to Poland which reflects your students’ study topics, from helping you select your study visits to recommending places to eat and stay. We’re proud to be the only school travel provider to hold a Government Standard Customer Service Excellence award and a four-time winner of the Best School Tour Operator accolade at the School Travel Awards. We’ll be on hand throughout your trip to offer any additional support you may need.

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