Day Trip to Opal Coast

A day trip to the Opal Coast is a great way to improve your students awareness of other cultures and languages. Day trips can be an ideal taster for those on a budget or have never been away from home. These trips also offer great opportunities for fun and bonding.  

Our school groups always have a brilliant time in the Opal Coast. Read all about Caterham Prep School’s Opal Coast experience here.


Tour Day 1

Depart school early morning. Arrive in Calais late morning
Visit a local Boulangerie followed by a trip to a local Chocolaterie. Spend an hour in Boulogne for sightseeing at leisure
Depart Calais for return journey back to school

Study Visits


This busy port town offers a wide range of visits which means many groups choose spend a half day or a whole day here. At the heart of Boulogne is the Roman old town, ideal for sightseeing and shopping. Other popular visits include Becasuc sweet factory and Nausicaä Sea Centre. Visit on a market day to pick up some bargains.

Le Touquet

A stylish seaside resort, Le Touquet is perfect for free time for games on the beach. A safe environment to try out some French in a local café or by souvenir shopping.


Many boulangeries in the area offer demonstrations on how traditional French breads are made, followed by hands on bread making sessions. For students of French Language we can arrange for the demonstration to be delivered in French.

Les Chocolats de Beussent

A well known local chocolate producer. Here you can see a demonstration of melting  and moulding the chocolate with chance to sample the chocolates at the end. Worksheets available for French Language students. 

Cheese Farms

The Opal Coast is an area known for its production of cheese and students can visit cheese farms to see how the animals are reared and how the cheese and other dairy produce is made. Tasting sessions and lunch can be arranged. 

L’Escargotiére du Choquel – Snail Farm

Let the students see its true, the French really do eat this delicacy! This visit will fascinate them showing how snails are farmed and give them a chance to find out what they really taste like. And if they don’t want to try one it will still provide a great photo opportunity to take home.

Boulogne Superbowl

Book a bowling session and keep them entertained all evening.

Helicea Leisure Centre, Boulogne

Choose from the state of the art swimming pool with its artificial river and bubbling spas or take to the ice on the skating rink.

Parc Bagatelle

Located on the coast this theme park has a combination of animation and rides which are ideal for younger students.

Bellewaerde Theme Park

If you are looking for more white knuckle rides then spend the day in Belgium at Bellewaerde where you find a great mix of roller coasters, water rides, shows and an animal park. 

Mareis Sea Fishing Discovery Centre

Discover the life of a French fisherman and learn how to navigate the boat and catch fish. Finish off your visit with a fun trip round the huge aquarium where there’s 140,000 litres of water full of around 500 different species. Guided tours are free.

Musée de l’Abeille - Bee Museum

A small traditional family run bee museum that offers an insight into the life of a beekeeper. Guided tours include a visit to 3 apiaries to learn about the life of bees, their activity in the hive and how they look for honey. Snacks can be arranged for at the end of the tour. Tours can also be complemented with a workshop including; a candle workshop or a taste of honey workshop. 

La Gaufre du Pays Flamand – Waffle Factory

This mouth-watering tour around a waffle museum is both educational and delicious. Groups will discover how the art of making waffles has developed through history to the modern day. The educational tour ends with a yummy tasting session. Tours can be delivered in English and last around 45 minutes.