Law School Trips To London

Centuries of history in these areas have created institutions which are at the heart of almost everything we think of today.

Contact our London study trips team here at WST and we will put together a fantastic tailor-made experience for any group leader taking a trip to London for Law & Politics students. Take guided tours of the main governmental buildings and visit historical political sites, without having to go abroad.


Tour Day 1

Depart for London
Guided walking tour the iconic government buildings & political sites in Westminster
Evening meal

Tour Day 2

Visit to the Houses of Parliament
Guided tour of the Supreme Court
Restaurant evening meal. West End Show

Tour Day 3

Visit to the Royal Courts of Justice
Enjoy some free time in before setting off on your return journey

Curricular Links





  • The nature of law and the English legal system
    • Civil courts and other forms of dispute resolution
    • Criminal courts and lay people
    • Legal personnel
    • Access to justice
  • Criminal law
    • Rules and theory of criminal law
    • General elements of criminal liability
    • Fatal offences against the person
    • Non-fatal offences against the person
    • Offences against property
    • Mental capacity defences
    • General defences
    • Preliminary offences
    • Evaluation
  • Law making and the Law of Tort
    • Parliamentary law making
    • Delegated legislation
    • Statutory interpretation
    • Judicial precedent
    • Law reform
    • Rules and theory of the law of tort
    • Liability in negligence
    • Occupiers’ liability
    • Torts connected to land
    • Vicarious liability
    • Defences
    • Remedies
  • Law of contract
  • Rules and theory of the law of contract
  • Human rights
    • The nature of law
    • Law and morality
    • Law and justice
    • Law and society
    • Rules and theory of Human Rights law
    • Protection of the individual’s human rights and freedoms in the UK
    • Key provisions of the European Convention on Human Rights
    • Human Rights and English law

The impact of European Union law on the law of England and Wales.

Study Visits


A Blue Badge Guide will take you around Westminster to see the iconic government buildings and political sites past and present. This is a perfect overview to start your visit to London. 



Free guided tours are available throughout the year. These tours must be booked directly by the school using the specific educational booking line and at certain booking periods. Please follow these links for information on when you can make a booking and rules of booking.


Please note that tours are very popular and places are limited, so generally have to be booked about six months in advance. Your tour will last around 75 minutes.


Educational Resources: In addition to a guided tour, you may also request a curriculum focussed workshop and possibly a Q&A session with your MP, subject to their availability. Workshop themes are Elections and Voting, Your Voice and Making Laws. These workshops get booked up well in advance so please apply early.



The visit begins with a talk, where your groups are shown where the public hangings took place, and other historical points of interest. After discussing the court’s history, the group are then given the day’s programme of the 18 courts with advice of the more interesting trials and any top criminal barristers in action.   The court opens for its afternoon session at 2pm and groups can leave whenever they like. 



Bring your learning to life with a visit to the Royal Courts of Justice for a school visit unlike any other. The National Citizenship and Law (NCCL) specialises in providing a range of innovative activities to suit your classroom based learning, all within the magnificent setting of one of Britain’s most prestigious working courtrooms. Your group can choose from a wide range of quality learning experiences, including:


Court in Session

This two hour session takes place in a working court room and around the courts.  Students will:


  • Be introduced to the Royal Courts of Justice and what happens there
  • Prepare and enact a trial based on an ex-offender’s experiences
  • Explore roles in a court room and meet a legal professional where possible
  • Discuss and debate real sentencing options
  • Discover key spaces in the Royal Courts of Justice


Motion to Appeal

This two hour session takes place in a working court room and around the courts. Students will:


  • Be introduced to the Royal Courts of Justice and what happens there
  • Prepare for and debate an appeal case which has been heard at the Royal Courts of Justice (this can be a broader debate or one that focuses on a particular point of law)
  • Explore roles in a court room and meet a legal professional where possible
  • Discover key spaces in the Royal Courts of Justice



The Supreme Court hears cases of the greatest public or constitutional importance affecting the whole population. Guided tours last approximately 50 minutes, including each of the three courtrooms (when not in use) and areas not usually accessible to the public. Observing court sessions is possible but space is limited and so often is not possible for groups. School and college groups can visit here Monday to Thursday for a guided tour.


Cultural Visits


A half day guided tour of the city on board your coach is a perfect way to see all the major sites. Highly recommended if this is a first time visit to London for many of your students.



With more than 7 million objects within its collections, the British Museum illustrates and documents the story of human culture from its beginnings to the present. Famous objects include the Rosetta Stone, sculptures from the Parthenon, the Sutton Hoo and Mildenhall treasures and the Portland Vase making it one of the greatest museums in the world.



It may be almost 10 years since London hosted the world’s greatest sporting event, but there is still huge interest in the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park where many of our athletes won their medals. This 2 – 2½ hour walk begins at Pudding Mill Lane on the Greenway overlooking the Aquatic Centre and the Stadium and then goes into the park to past the Handball Arena (The Copper Box), walks by the Velodrome and also the new I-City (formerly the International Press Centre). For an additional fee we can pre-book visits inside the Copper Box, the Aquatics Centre and the Orbit within your walking tour. Please confirm at the time of booking.



Enjoy a fabulous Educational Visit of this iconic stadium. Not only will you get a full stadium tour there’s also a workshop so that pupils can find out about Wembley's rich history and heritage as well as interesting facts and stats about the Stadium and the variety of events that have taken place at Wembley over the years.



London has a great range of art galleries, which have free entrance and all offer downloadable resources and education programmes. The most popular galleries are:


  • National Gallery
  • National Portrait Gallery
  • Tate Britain
  • Tate Modern
  • Victoria & Albert



Breath-taking sights make the London Eye a highlight of the city which you should not miss!



Regularly voted as one of London’s greatest tourist attractions the viewing gallery on top of London's tallest skyscraper offers breath-taking 360° panoramic views day and night.



A thrilling and exciting  visit containing inspiring wax works of some of the world’s most influential and famous people. Galleries include Sport, World Leaders, The Royal Family and Music along with the Spirit of London ride.



Hundreds of exciting, interactive exhibits including the ultimate dinosaur exhibition, a human biology section or visit 'Investigate' -an exciting new hands-on science centre perfect for engaging students.



This cruise along the Thames is a great way to see some of the major sites of the city. We recommend groups take the 40 minute cruise from Westminster to Tower which takes in Westminster, Big Ben, Somerset House, London Eye, Oxo Tower, The Tate Modern, St Paul’s Cathedral, London Bridge, Tower Bridge and the Tower.



Located in the heart of Greenwich Park, the Royal Observatory is really worth visiting. It is one of the world’s most significant museums of an astronomical site, where you can learn about on time standardization, about the making of the first telescope and the evolution of science over the years.

Take an enchanting tour through the remarkable history of Britain’s astronomical world, the Prime Meridian of the World and the Greenwich Mean Time. You can also enjoy the beautiful scenic view of the entire London city skyline from the museum.



The Peter Harrison Planetarium is a 120-seat digital laser planetarium, situated in Greenwich Park alongside the modern Astronomy Centre where you touch a 4.5 billion year-old meteorite.

The Planetarium’s high quality cinematic shows take place daily and offer the opportunity to travel through space. The astronomy centre is free to visit where there are many exhibitions including the Astronomy Photographer of the Year competition.



London Zoo is the world's oldest scientific zoo, opened in London in 1828. It is home to more than 17,000 animals across over 750 species, from red-kneed spiders to Sumatran tigers. Along with daily animal talks, shows, feeds and demonstrations your pupils will be entertained and informed all day.


Educational Resources: The Zoo’s highly skilled Education Team provides unique learning sessions for all ages and abilities. Linked to the National Curriculum these  interactive experiences use resources such as live animals, biofacts and multimedia. You can also download teaching resources based around topics such as habitats, endangered species and the rainforest.



SEA LIFE London Aquarium is home to one of Europe's largest collections of global marine life. Your pupils can learn about marine life and habitats, food chains, living creatures and caring for animals and their environments.


Educational Resources: Activity packs can be downloaded direct from the website and for an additional cost school groups can arrange an educational talk, a workshop or a behind the scenes tour. Exploring themes including adaptation, lifecycle, eco-systems, these are available for students up to KS4.   



Whatever your London trip aims, a West End show is a great opportunity to reward those on school trips to London with a thrilling night at the theatre.  Current top West End Shows include:

  • Lion King
  • Wicked
  • Frozen
  • Matilda The Musical
  • Mrs Doubtfire The Musical
  • Les Misérables
  • Back To The Future
  • Harry Potter & The Cursed Child
  • Six
  • We Will Rock You
  • Phantom of the Opera 
  • Mamma Mia

Whatever show you are interested in seeing, we can advise you on the best time to go and arrange your group seating.



Make your evening meal a night out with a restaurant visit. We can book tables at an exciting range of restaurants offering pre-theatre dinner packages to suit all budgets. We can also arrange for packed lunches to be delivered to your hotel or an appropriate meeting point in the city.



We can help you to arrange hooded sweatshirts for all the participants on your trip. We work with an experienced team who can offer you a choice of sizes, colours and personalise them. So, not only do your students have a greater sense of identity with being on the trip, they have a memento to keep afterwards.