Geography School Trip to London

England’s capital is a great value options for GCSE and A Level groups, with a number of highly informative visit options. Our Geography trips to London include a number of themed walking tours led by expert guides with a particular focus on regeneration with the Olympic Park site tour being a favourite.

With WST, you can also choose from a number of exhibitions, education centres and tours to suit your studies and Key Stage.

We can also offer a brand new tour which focuses on sustainability, looking at London as a sustainable city and various green initiatives from the private sector. This includes a chance to visit a biotechnology company addressing food security.

Let our subject experts create your perfect geography school trip in the UK with a blend of educational and London’s exciting cultural visits.


2 Day Trip

Tour Day 1

Depart for arrival in London around mid-day. Check into your accommodation
Olympic Site Walking Tour with Blue Badge Guide
Evening Meal at Planet Hollywood and flight on the London Eye

Tour Day 2

Explore the Volcanoes and Earthquakes gallery at the Natural History Museum
Depart London for your return journey to school

1 Day Sustainability Trip

Tour Day 1

Sustainable London Walking Tour
Visit to a biotechnology company addressing food security
Depart for school

2 Day Sustainability Trip

Tour Day 1

Sustainable London Walking Tour
Visit to biotechnology company addressing food security
Check-in to accommodation Evening Meal

Tour Day 2

Science Museum ‘Our Future Planet’ Exhibition
Natural History Museum
Depart for school

Curricular Links




3.1.3 Section C: Physical landscapes in the UK

3.2.1 Section A: Urban issues and challenges

3.2.2 Section B: The changing economic world


AS level

Contemporary urban environments



A level

Human geography

7. Global systems and global governance

8. Changing places

9. Contemporary urban environments

10. Population and the environment






Geography A

Component 2:   

  • Topic 4 Changing cities
  • Topic 5 Global Development


Geography B

Component 2:

Topic 4: The UK’s evolving physical landscape

Topic 5: The UK’s evolving human landscape


A level

Paper 2:

Topic 4: Shaping Places





Geography A:

2c. Living in the UK Today

2c The World Around Us


Geography B: 

People and Society

Topic 5 – Urban Futures

Topic 7 – UK in the 21st Century


A level

Component 2 Human interactions

Topic 2.1 – Changing Spaces; Making Places





Component 1: Changing Physical and Human Landscapes

Component 2: Environmental and Development Issues


A Level

Component 1 Section B Changing Places



National 5:

Human environments

Global Issues



Human environments

Global Issues



Study Visits

Regeneration Walking Tour: London 2012 Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park

Following the outstanding success of the world’s greatest sporting event, a vast urban regeneration programme has been transforming this area of East London.  An enjoyable and informative 2-hour walking tour around the park itself with a 2012 accredited Blue Badge Guide. Explore issues regarding sustainability, urban regeneration, and deprivation.

During a geography school trip to London, students can see the venues, including the Aquatics Centre, the Olympic Stadium, Copper Box and Lee Valley Velopark. Find out what's happening in the venues now as well as the former Athletes Village and hear about the ongoing plans for the Park.

Guided Olympic Sites Coach Tour

This is a tailor-made coach tour taking you to the sites you wish to see, accompanied by a Blue Badge Guide who will deliver a wealth of information about the sites and the regeneration of the areas you see.  Highlights of the tour include;

Olympic Park Site: Drive the perimeter of the Olympic site and take in the views of the key buildings Including the Olympic Stadium, the Aquatic Centre, the Velopark, the Olympic Village and Orbit. You’ll also make a quick stop to get out and witness one of the best viewpoints of the park. 

Stratford: The area which has seen the most development.  As well as the Olympic park, with significant rail links having been put in place, the town centre given a major overhaul, there are improved waterways and bridges and the development of Europe’s largest shopping centre.  Since the games, a new phase of regeneration is still underway to pave the way for future generations.

Pass the Royal Docks and see the Excel Centre where martial arts, weightlifting and boxing events took place, the Royal Artillery Barracks on Woolwich Common, home to the shooting tournament and the Millennium Dome which held the basketball and gymnastics.

Wimbledon Grounds Geography Tour 

Is a lawn tennis tournament as ‘green' as it looks? 

There is an increasing demand for bigger and better facilities for our sporting events, both from competitors and fans alike, similarly there is a desire for these large sporting events to become more environmentally aware; but just how much can a stadium impact the environment around it?  This 90 minute guided exploration of the buildings and grounds will allow students on London geography trips to to draw their own conclusions, and also access the museum for free afterwards.

The Green Walking Tour 

This modern and cutting-edge Green Tour will show your groups the absolute latest in sustainability. Highlights include;

  • Visiting the site that kick-started London’s network of sustainable businesses
  • Seeing the world’s first building with integrated wind turbines
  • Learning about the green features of icons such as the London Eye and the Gherkin
  • Seeing the first electric car charging point in London, and learning about the capital’s ambitious sustainable transport plans
  • Discovering a range of ground breaking eco-hotels, including the Savoy‘s impressive eco-refit
  • Exploring the largest, healthiest community in London

All Change at Kings Cross: Regeneration Walking Tour 

This is the site that everyone is flocking to since the arrival of the Eurostar at St Pancras station. Explore the newly renovated station and unlock the secrets to the surrounding area's history with a Blue Badge Guide. Once London's most notorious red light district this area has started to undergo a transformation. View two Victorian railway stations, the gothic splendour of the old Midland Grand Hotel, industrial buildings, regeneration projects, a German Gymnasium, film locations, a canal side walkway, literary connections and the church which gave the area its name with several notable burials.

Dockers to Wharfers: Walking Tour

From the modern towers of Canary Wharf, a dramatic contrast comes into view as you approach the original sugar warehouses of West India Dock. The backbreaking and dangerous working conditions of the dockers have been transformed into a vibrant financial and residential centre for London. Compare the worlds of the dockers of yesteryear and the wharfers of today with your Blue Badge Guide.

The Thames Barrier

The world’s largest movable flood barrier built to protect the capital from the river.  An information assistant will give your group a guided tour of the Information Centre featuring a working model of the Barrier and a video which shows its construction and operation. They will also take you outside to see the barrier up close before delivering a 90 min talk covering topics such as the History of the River Thames and the risk of flooding in London, as well as describing the environment and wildlife of the river. 

Volcanoes and Earthquakes gallery: Natural History Museum

New for 2014 this excellent gallery reveals the epic forces that shape our planet. With dramatic film footage, impressive specimens and objects, interactive games, a new plate tectonics room and an earthquake simulator, it is a must-see gallery for visitors.

With a design inspired by rock strata layers, the gallery has three zones: volcanoes, plate tectonics and earthquakes. As you explore the gallery, discover the latest science behind these destructive forces and examine their global impact.

The Crystal Exhibition

At the heart of the Crystal is an exhibition which showcases global trends and challenges. Also explore existing technological solutions to build environmentally sustainable and prosperous cities. Across ten zones, the exhibition encourages us to change the way we all think about our cities, now and for future generations.

Through interactive exhibits, films, and animations you can explore a range of issues including city trends, urban planning, smart buildings, safety and security, energy, water, healthy life, environment, and mobility. The ‘Future Life’ theatre invites us to imagine how cities might look in 2050. 

Isis Education Centre Sessions in Hyde Park 

This outdoor learning experience for secondary school groups aims to inspire an interest in science and the natural world.

With dedicated teaching spaces, field studies equipment, digital technology and expert staff, your students can develop both practical fieldwork skills and learn how to gather real field data for use in coursework and scientific reports.

Thorpe Park Workshop: Geography and the Environment

This Geography workshop is curriculum linked and delivered by an expert Education Facilitator. Combined with entry to the Resort, it offers your pupils a unique opportunity to investigate how the site has developed to become one of the most popular attractions for young people in the UK considering the environmental effects and the impact on the local area.

London Waste Eco Park 

The park provides public-service activities in support of North London Waste Authority and provides a range of waste services - recycling, composting, energy recovery and disposal. The EcoPark is designed to get the most from the ‘natural resource’ of waste generated by north London residents. Tours take visitors on the ‘rubbish trail’.

Led by your guide, you’ll be able to follow the path your waste takes from arrival to end product, see  first-hand how residual waste is processed at the Energy Centre to generate electricity, and also how they produce compost made from organic waste.

WWT Wetland Centre

London Wetland Centre is a beautiful place for a group visit, offering close views of nature, especially wetland birds, and a wide variety of wetland habitats to explore.

There is also a collection of beautiful birds from around the world kept for conservation purposes and a family of otters.   We recommend joining one of the twice daily tours, where the guides will explain how London Wetland Centre was created from four redundant Thames Water reservoirs. They will also point out wildlife spotted on the day. 

Cultural Visits

London offers a great choice of museums and attractions, many of which are an ideal compliment to their learning and can be free for students. 


A half day guided tour of the city on board your coach is a perfect way to see all the major sites. Highly recommended if this is a first time visit to London for many of your students.


With breath-taking views of London, the world’s longest and tallest tunnel slide and the UK’s highest freefall abseil, the ArcelorMittal Orbit is the UK’s most exciting viewing platform. 

During a London geography trip, students can enjoy a breath-taking panorama of up to 20 miles across London through stunning floor to ceiling windows before experiencing the city’s landmarks from the outside observation walkway suspended 262ft above the ground. Discover sights including Wembley Stadium, St Paul’s Cathedral and Canary Wharf and get an exclusive bird’s eye view of the iconic sporting venues of London 2012. 

The Slide: A hair-raising experience that’s not for the feint-hearted? Hold on tight through the twists, turns and drops of the world’s tallest and longest tunnel slide as it weaves its way through the iconic red steel frame of the UK’s tallest sculpture, the ArcelorMittal Orbit. 

Enjoy the 40 second descent in the 584ft long slide through light and dark sections at speeds of up to 15mph as The Slide loops its way around the ArcelorMittal Orbit 12 times taking visitors through gentle curves, thrilling drops and a tight corkscrew.  Take a Look >


Always in the evening and at its best when London is cold and misty, this eerie tour takes students back in time to 1888 to follow in the footsteps of the London Metropolitan Police as they try to catch a killer. 


London has a great range of art galleries, which have free entrance and all offer downloadable resources and education programmes. The most popular galleries are:

  • National Gallery
  • National Portrait Gallery
  • Tate Britain
  • Tate Modern
  • Victoria & Albert  


With more than 7 million objects within its collections, the British Museum illustrates and documents the story of human culture from its beginnings to the present.


Visit HMS Belfast to discover what life was like for those who lived and worked on board this last remaining warship of its kind. Nine decks of amazing seafaring history provide countless opportunities to explore and discover for students where you can hear sailors’ stories in the Life at Sea exhibition. 


Free guided tours are available throughout the year by requesting a place through your MP or a member of the House of Lords.


The Imperial War Museum covers conflicts involving Britain from the First World War through to the present day. The Centenary of the First World War is highly topical and with it’s new First World War galleries the IWM is a must for any group visiting London.


The London Dungeon combines real history, horror and humour to bring gruesome goings-on back to life in the 21st century. A thrilling and exciting trip that students will love, with actors recreating events such as the Great fire of London, Sweeney Todd, the Plague and Jack the Ripper. 


Breath-taking sights make the London Eye a highlight of the city which you should not miss!


A thrilling and exciting  visit containing inspiring wax works of some of the world’s most influential and famous people. Galleries include  Sport, World Leaders, The Royal Family and Music along with the Spirit of London ride and Marvel Super Heroes 4D experience.


Step inside Museum of London for a memorable journey through London’s unsettled history. Telling London's story students can enjoy the prehistoric, Roman and medieval London galleries through to the present day.


Hundreds of exciting, interactive exhibits including the ultimate dinosaur exhibition, a human biology section or visit 'Investigate' -an exciting new hands-on science centre perfect for engaging students.


Based in the heart of the West End, Ripley’s Believe It or Not! is the most wonderfully weird visitor attraction in London. Home to countless curiosities collected by the legendary adventurer Robert Ripley, you’ll step into a fascinating world where the bizarre and the unbelievable come to life and

where amazement is waiting around every corner. From unusual art to underwater wonders, an upside down room and even a dungeon, at Ripley’s London there are mindboggling experiences for even the wildest imagination.


The Science Museum allows you to introduce children to science with fun, hands-on interactives and encounter the past, present and future of technology in seven floors of galleries.


With its iconic dome that dominates the London skyline, St Pauls Cathedral is a must see for all groups visiting London. Over the years, decoration has been added and removed so that today the history of the nation can be seen in mosaics and stone carvings throughout the building. 


This cruise along the Thames is a great way to see some of the major sites of the city. We recommend groups take the 40 minute cruise from Westminster to Tower which takes in Westminster, Big Ben, Somerset House, London Eye, Oxo Tower, The Tate Modern, St Paul’s Cathedral, London Bridge, Tower Bridge and the Tower.


See where numerous individuals lost their heads and visit the Prisoners exhibition which looks at some of the Towers more notorious convicts including Anne Boleyn, Edward V, Guy Fawkes and Sir Thomas More.


What better way could there be to explore the diverse cultures and communities which make up London than taking walking tour through the streets of the city where you get to sample the great range of cuisines on offer. You can try both modern and traditional dishes, British treats and foods from across the world. There are three different tours to choose from all of which centre around a few different food and drink stops where you may sit down and dine at the venue, pick up the food and taste it outside, or just walk and talk with the food. It really is a fantastic experience!


Make your evening meal a night out with a restaurant visit. We can book tables at an exciting range of restaurants offering pre-theatre dinner packages to suit all budgets. We can also arrange for packed lunches to be delivered to your hotel or an appropriate meeting point in the city. 

Leanne's Expert Tip

Our 'Regeneration' themed walking tours are led by a Blue Badge Guide who has fantastic knowledge of these areas and will ensure your group gain a full understanding of developments.

Top tip from Leanne, our Geography Expert