Art & Design School Trip to London

As the country's capital, London is a hive of creative activity. Home to some of the world's most famous artists, alongside museum packed with well-known works of art, it is a fantastic place for students of art and design to visit and be inspired.

London offers art and design students a wide choice of visits no matter what their focus is. From painting to sculpture, textiles to ceramics there are extensive opportunities for students of GCSE & A-Level to develop their skills.


Tour Day 1

Depart school to arrive in London around midday
Check into your accommodation then travel to central London to visit the National Portrait Gallery and the National Gallery
Evening meal followed by free time to explore London

Tour Day 2

Visit the Tate Modern followed by free time around the South Bank for sketching
Depart London and return to school

Curricular Links

A WST tour to Paris may support the study of elements of the following exam board specifications.




2c(ii). Content of Art and Design: Fine Art (J171)

2c(vii). Content of Art and Design: Critical and Contextual Studies (J176)



2c(ii). Content of Art and Design: Fine Art (H601)

2c(vii). Content of Art and Design: Critical and Contextual Studies (H606)




3.5 Fine art

3.8 Three-dimensional design



3.4 Fine art

3.7 Three-dimensional design




Knowledge, understanding and skills in Fine Art

Knowledge, understanding and skills in Three-dimensional Design



Art and Design (Fine Art) (9FA0)

Art and Design (Three-dimensional Design) (9TD0)




Art and Design (Fine Art)

Art and Design (Three-dimensional Design)



Art and Design (Fine Art)

Art and Design (Three-dimensional Design)

Study Visits


3D Printing Sessions 

This exciting new 3 hour session is provided by a senior designer at a state of the art store and office in central London. The session will include an introduction to 3-D Printing technology, demonstrations, a short tour, a Q&A and your chosen souvenir 3-D printed object.  Your visit can be tailored to your main area of interest and age of pupils. The standard sessions will focus on;

  • Possibilities of a Desktop 3D Printer and the latest material innovation (with sample objects)
  • A process overview from a concept idea to a 3D Printed object
  • Introduction to 3D design software
  • Demonstration of designing, preparing and printing a 3D design of choice 

Graffiti And Street Art Tours

Street art has a natural home in London where the city makes the perfect canvas for their artwork. For London art trips, we can arrange a walking and tube train tour to see some of London’s best graffiti locations with an expert guide. Places likely to be included are Stockwell, Waterloo and South Bank. Pieces discussed include work by artists including Banksy, Shepard Fairey and Space Invader, as well as lesser-known, up-and-coming talent. The constantly changing nature of the work on display means each tour is unique as well as cutting-edge. 

City Academy Workshops 

These exciting new workshops can be tailored to your group's age and ability levels, so just let us know.

Life Drawing

This introduction to Figure Drawing will take students back to basics, starting with simple drawing techniques and mark making.

Fashion, Costume & Set Design

In these classes, participants will be introduced to basic theory and technique to design, which can be specified for fashion or stage.

Fashion or Stage Make-up 

These Make-up workshops can be tailored to both fashion and theatrical requirements, and will introduce students to techniques to create flawless, up-to-date looks.

Studio Lighting

City Academy’s Studio Lighting workshop will cover the basic principles needed to take great photographs in a studio. Please note students are required to provide their own digital camera, and it is best if they have some prior photography knowledge.

Lighting for Theatre 

This workshop will introduce students to the basics of lighting a show on stage.


These Photography classes are unique opportunities for participants to explore the diversity of London’s city-scape using a digital SLR and the most important functions of the camera. Please note, students are required to provide their own digital SLR camera.

Fashion-Enter Ltd (FEL)

Fashion-Enter Ltd (FEL) is a social enterprise which understands the need for total transparency within the supply chain. Over the last 20 years FEL has given students at HE, FE and secondary schools a unique and invaluable insight into the world of fashion and garment production. The educational factory site visit is a two-hour tour tailor-made to suit their studies and level of education. It can cover a range of themes including:

  • How we Design 
  • Pattern cutting methods
  • Costing example
  • How to simplify a style
  • Changing a bestseller to get maximum sell through
  • The customer approval process
  • New technology
  • How we ensure we are Ethical


Tate Modern

As the most-visited modern art gallery in the world, the Tate Modern is a great opportunity for students to see various forms of international modern art, all in one gallery. You can see amazing work by artists such as Cézanne, Bonnard, Matisse, Picasso, Rothko, Dalí, Pollock, Warhol and Bourgeois.

Tate Britain

Home of British Art to the present day, the Tate Britain is an iconic gallery that is a must see for students during London art tours. To appreciate the progression and changes of British Art through the decades, particular attention is paid to Blake, Turner and Constable; however the gallery houses a diverse range of some of the finest pieces of British Art. 

National Gallery

An iconic attraction, situated in the renowned Trafalgar Square, the National Gallery is a must see for school groups. From Reubens, Van Gogh, Turner, Leonardo Da Vinci, Monet, Rembrandt and many more, the gallery houses the national collection of Western European painting from around 1250 onwards. 

National Portrait Gallery

The National Portrait Gallery is home to the best collection of portraits in the world. The gallery gives students an exclusive insight into the men and women who have shaped British history. The permanent exhibitions also go together with a wide range of special exhibitions and events.

Victoria And Albert Museum

The Victoria and Albert Museum is the world's greatest museum of art and design, representing over three thousand years of human creativity, with collections unrivalled in their scope and diversity. Highlights include the Medieval Renaissance galleries containing some of the greatest surviving treasures from the period, the breathtaking William and Judith Bollinger Jewellery Gallery and the stunning British Galleries, illustrating the history of Britain through the nation’s art and design.

Educational Resources:  The museum offers a range of educational resources and support:

Gallery tours – Designed to encourage discussion and investigate different approaches to Art & Design. These tours can focus on a variety of topics such as architecture, sculpture, fashion design and ceramics. Students are encouraged to take their sketchbooks on the tour.

DesignLab Workshops – Your students can work with V&A designers to experience the design process from start to finish. Themes include fashion, lamp design, architecture and product design. Each workshop lasts for 2½ hours. Suitable for Key Stage 3, 4 and 5

Saatchi Gallery

Housed in the historically significant Duke of York HQ, the Saatchi Gallery has become renowned in providing a platform for unknown, young, contemporary artists. The gallery is a refreshing alternative to the state museums as it exhibits bold and in some cases daring pieces making it a great visit for aspiring artists studying art & design in London. 

The Hayward Gallery

The Hayward, within Southbank Centre, embraces visual art from all periods. The gallery does not host permanent collections but instead 3 or 4 major temporary exhibitions each year. 

Whitechapel Gallery

The Whitechapel Gallery collaborates with schools and teachers to develop engaging learning projects The Whitechapel Gallery’s beautiful historic building is a house of adventure, full of great art and ideas from around the corner and around the world. When you walk through our doors you follow the footsteps of modern masters such as Pablo Picasso, Frida Kahlo and Hannah Höch and pioneering contemporaries such as Zarina Bhimji, William Kentridge and Cindy Sherman, all of whom premiered at the Gallery.

The Photographer's Gallery

The Photographer’s Gallery is the largest public gallery in London dedicated to photography, with exhibitions ranging from the latest emerging talent to established artists. It is also home to the Deutsche Börse Photography Prize to identify and reward photographic talent and innovation.

Design Museum

The world's leading museum devoted to contemporary product, industrial, graphic, fashion, and architectural design. Supporting the National Curriculum for Design and Technology and tailored for key stages 2 – 5, the museum offers students and educators design education facilities and workshops supporting a vibrant programme connected with the wider ecology of design practice, networks and communities.

In addition to self-guided visits, the museum’s offers Hands-On design workshops where, using handling collections of contemporary design objects, students can interact with key designs through experiential learning. These hour-long workshops support students to gain new perspectives on the role of designers and the impact of design in everyday life.

The Museum’s Sustainable Design Schools Programme will bring to life the impact of waste and showcase a new approach across the production of food, fashion, electronics and other consumer goods, which focuses on the circular economy and reduction of waste. Working with a small handling collection with objects from the Waste Age exhibition, students are encouraged to rethink how we design, buy and use things.

Fashion Enter - The Factory

Fashion-Enter Ltd (FEL) is a social enterprise which understands the need for total transparency within the supply chain. Over the last 20 years FEL has given students at HE, FE and secondary schools a unique and invaluable insight into the world of fashion and garment production. The educational factory site visit is a two-hour tour tailor-made to suit their studies and level of education.

Cultural Visits

London offers a great choice of museums and attractions, many of which are an ideal complement to their learning and can be free for students. 

Highlights of London Guided Tour

A half day guided tour of the city on board your coach is a perfect way to see all the major sites. Highly recommended if this is a first time visit to London for many of your students. 

Guided tour of the London 2012 Olympic Sites

Following the outstanding success of the world’s greatest sporting event, there is now huge interest in seeing the area where our athletes won their medals.  This 2 – 2½ hour walk begins at Pudding Mill Lane and takes in the exteriors of the Aquatic Centre, the Stadium, Handball Arena (The Copper Box), the Velodrome and also the new I-City (formerly the International Press Centre). For an additional fee we can pre-book visits inside the Copper Box, the Aquatics Centre and the Orbit within your walking tour. 

Arcelormittal Orbit & 'Ride The Slide' 

With breath-taking views of London, the world’s longest and tallest tunnel slide and the UK’s highest freefall abseil, the ArcelorMittal Orbit is the UK’s most exciting viewing platform. 

Students on art tours in London can enjoy a breath-taking panorama of up to 20 miles across London through stunning floor to ceiling windows before experiencing the city’s landmarks from the outside observation walkway suspended 262ft above the ground. Discover sights including Wembley Stadium, St Paul’s Cathedral and Canary Wharf and get an exclusive bird’s eye view of the iconic sporting venues of London 2012. 

The Slide: A hair-raising experience that’s not for the feint-hearted? Hold on tight through the twists, turns and drops of the world’s tallest and longest tunnel slide as it weaves its way through the iconic red steel frame of the UK’s tallest sculpture, the ArcelorMittal Orbit. 

Enjoy the 40 second descent in the 584ft long slide through light and dark sections at speeds of up to 15mph as The Slide loops its way around the ArcelorMittal Orbit 12 times taking visitors through gentle curves, thrilling drops and a tight corkscrew.  Take a Look >

British Museum

With more than 7 million objects within its collections, the British Museum illustrates and documents the story of human culture from its beginnings to the present. 

Imperial War Museum

The Imperial War Museum covers conflicts involving Britain from the First World War through to the present day. The Centenary of the First World War is highly topical and with it’s new First World War galleries the IWM is a must for any London art tour.

London Eye

Breath-taking sights make the London Eye a highlight of the city which you should not miss!

Madame Tussauds

A thrilling and exciting visit containing inspiring wax works of some of the world’s most influential and famous people. Galleries include Sport, World Leaders, The Royal Family and Music along with the Spirit of London ride and Marvel Super Heroes 4D experience. 

Museum Of London

Step inside Museum of London for a memorable journey through London’s unsettled history. Telling London's story students can enjoy the prehistoric, Roman and medieval London galleries through to the present day.

Natural History Museum

Hundreds of exciting, interactive exhibits including the ultimate dinosaur exhibition, a human biology section or visit 'Investigate' -an exciting new hands-on science centre perfect for engaging students.

Ripleys Believe It or Not Museum

Based in the heart of the West End, Ripley’s Believe It or Not! is the most wonderfully weird visitor attraction in London. Home to countless curiosities collected by the legendary adventurer Robert Ripley, you’ll step into a fascinating world where the bizarre and the unbelievable come to life and where amazement is waiting around every corner. From unusual art to underwater wonders, an upside down room and even a dungeon, at Ripley’s London there are mindboggling experiences for even the wildest imagination.

Thames River Cruise

This cruise along the Thames is a great way to see some of the major sites of the city. We recommend groups take the 40 minute cruise from Westminster to Tower which takes in Westminster, Big Ben, Somerset House, London Eye, Oxo Tower, The Tate Modern, St Paul’s Cathedral, London Bridge, Tower Bridge and the Tower. 

Walk Eat Talk Eat 3-hour Food & Drink Walking Tour

What better way could there be to explore the diverse cultures and communities which make up London than taking walking tour through the streets of the city where you get to sample the great range of cuisines on offer. You can try both modern and traditional dishes, British treats and foods from across the world. There are three different tours to choose from all of which centre around a few different food and drink stops where you may sit down and dine at the venue, pick up the food and taste it outside, or just walk and talk with the food. It really is a fantastic experience!

West End Theatre Performance

Whatever your London trip aims, a West End show is a great opportunity to reward those on school trips to London with a thrilling night at the theatre.  Current top West End Shows include:

  • Lion King
  • Wicked
  • Frozen
  • Matilda The Musical
  • Mrs Doubtfire The Musical
  • Les Misérables
  • Back To The Future
  • Harry Potter & The Cursed Child
  • Six
  • We Will Rock You
  • Phantom of the Opera 
  • Mamma Mia

Whatever show you are interested in seeing, we can advise you on the best time to go and arrange your group seating.


Make your evening meal a night out with a restaurant visit. We can book tables at an exciting range of restaurants offering pre-theatre dinner packages to suit all budgets.