School Trips & Tours To London

School Trips & Tours To London

An intrinsic part of London’s culture, the West End is a district bursting with creativity, glamour and sophistication. The iconic Theatreland is the largest theatre region in the world, and a popular spot for tourists to experience the finest entertainment right in the heart of the UK’s capital. Opening in 1663, the West End has and always will be a big part of the city’s tourism landscape, and continues to deliver exceptional production in drama, comedy, opera and music.

At WST, we arrange exciting educational trips to London’s West End for:

Yes an absolutely fantastic weekend!! Everything went to plan and if it's possible, it was probably better than last year and I didn't think I would ever say that. The pupils were amazing and enjoyed every minute of it. Thank you so much for all your help in organising such an amazing weekend!! I can't believe it's over but I'm on with planning for next year. The staff at the hotel were brilliant and so I would definitely go back and the same goes for the Italian restaurant. Can't fault it for friendliness, service and food.
The Snaith School, London, May 2014 


Longest Running West End Musicals

The Moustrap

Agatha Christie’s hugely popular whodunnit opened in the West End in 1952 and is now the longest running show in the world. This nail-biting thriller follows a group of individuals trapped in a remote country house, when they shockingly discover a revelation: there’s a murderer in their midst. The audience will begin an exhilarating journey through confessions and anecdotes as each one unveils their tainted past. Which one of these suspicious characters is the murderer and what was their motive?

The Mousetra


Les Misérables

 Based on the novel by Victor Hugo, Les Misérables is a gripping story of passion, destruction and rebellion in the backdrop of 19th century France, spanning over two decades. The play tells the powerful story of Jean Valjean, an ex-prisoner pursued by devoted policeman, Javert. With underlying themes tackled through song, circumstance and culminating at the June Rebellion, this enthralling play is a must-see for all students, offering an insight into history, French culture and humanity.

Les Mis


The Phantom of the Opera

Phantom is a deformed, haunting composer living beneath the shadows of the grand Paris Opera House. The play follows this lonely, romantic man as he falls in love with Christine, his beautiful protégé with whom he’s tutoring. As her stardom rises and a handsome gentleman enters her life, the Phantom begins to fall down an ugly path of murder and destruction.

Phantom Of The Opera



With an abundance of hotels and hostels in London, we have a superb range of accommodation to choose from. At WST, all lodgings are personally inspected to ensure they meet our strict quality criteria for your peace of mind. We can tailor your requirements to suit each study tour group; students can reside in the heart of the city or on the outskirts where it’s quieter, which is preferable for younger pupils. 

London Skyline

Local Restaurants

Coupled with the West End’s theatres and landmarks, the area is brimming with exceptional restaurants serving cuisine from worldwide cultures. We can make restaurant reservations on your behalf, that suit your taste and budget, offering great tasting dishes in the heart of London’s bustling West End. Pre-theatre dinner packages are also available.

Top West End Workshops

For students, a number of exciting workshops can be arranged, many of which take place in the influential and inspiring West End. The 90-minute classes cover a variety of skills, and can be based around the show you’ve watched, bringing a dynamic story to life.


A Song and Dance

At WST, we can organise an enthralling masterclass that brings together singing, dancing and acting. Students will work with a pianist and a cast member from the show they’ve watched to rehearse and perform – all part of this fantastic workshop. A Song and Dance reflects a true West End rehearsal and gives students the chance to devise their own choreography, whilst honing in on their performing arts skills.

Stage Combat

Students can explore the relationship between acting and fight choreography in this exciting workshop. Taking inspiration from the West End, drama pupils will discover how fights are performed on stage, whilst creating their own combat choreography.

Note by Note

Great for reliving a play, Note by Note shows students how to perform through song. Groups will practise in front of an established West End musical director before performing to a cast member from the show itself.

WST Support

For students, London’s West End offers a dazzling yet educational insight into the world of theatre, drama and performing arts, where they can experience first-hand the impact this iconic district has had on the world’s entertainment. At WST, we arrange trips to the West End that can be tailored to suit your needs. If you’re interested in educational tours, speak to one of our friendly travel advisers today who’ll be happy to help.