School Trips To london

This 3-day trip has been designed specifically for those groups studying AQA's History GCSE British depth study 'Elizabethan England, c1568–1603' and in particular Kenilworth Castle the specified historic site for 2021.

Not only can our travel experts meet all your travel and accommodation needs they can offer you a range of options each of which will support this particular course of study.

These include: An expert-led tour of the Castle, offered by English Heritage, which through engaging discussion and activity, allows students to explore key aspects of Elizabeth’s reign, as well as the location, function, structure and design of Kenilworth Castle; A guided tour of Westminster Abbey, Elizabeth's Coronation site and a workshop which looks at how her religious settlement affected the Abbey; A school session at the the Tower of London which looks at the crises, plots and religious unrest during Elizabeth's regin

If you are also studying the AQA's Thematic study option 'Power and the people: c1170 to the present day' why not add a visit to the Houses of Parliament and join their 'Story of Parliament' tour which taking you through key events in the changing history of UK Parliament. 

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