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Often referred to as the ‘garden of France’, Loire Valley is a picturesque French region littered with lavish châteaux and rolling hills, surrounding the beautiful river Loire. Depicting a fairy-tale land, it’s no surprise that this extravagant destination has attracted poets, writers and world-famous artists - including Leonardo da Vinci – all of whom have taken inspiration from this stunning region. Just a stone’s throw away from Paris, one of France’s busiest cities, its location offers a calming hideaway, set in a picturesque French world, where students can embrace the local culture and work on their vocabulary skills, all the while exploring what this enchanting destination has to offer.

At WST, we arrange school trips and tours to Loire Valley for the following subjects:

Top Attractions

Château de Chenonceau


A visit to Loire Valley wouldn’t be complete without inspecting the stunning Château de Chenonceau. One of the most iconic chateaux in the country, the ‘lady’s château’ – as it’s described, highlights the opulence throughout Loire Valley’s history. Its elegant appearance, the classical galerie de bal which crosses the river, and its whitewash, domineering exterior has created a stunning place to visit that can’t be reckoned with. Not only does the castle’s presence and its gardens amaze school groups every time, but its interior is equally as inspiring. An audio tour talks students through the fortress’s history, and reveals some of its most fascinating secrets. Available in French, the tour is a great opportunity for students to further their vocabulary skills while learning about this spectacular French attraction.

Futuroscope theme park

At WST, we highly recommend a day trip to Futuroscope for educational tours. A theme park unlike any other in the world, Futuroscope takes students on an adventure of multimedia and learning, through exciting exhibitions, unique 3D and 4D experiences, exhilarating rides and remarkable shows. This innovative leisure park can cover curriculum-based subjects, from space and nature to film. For French language students, Futuroscope means students can familiarise themselves with key French phrases, and improve their learning skills listening to the park’s fascinating commentaries.

Rochemenier troglodyte village 

Contrasting its lavish fortresses and acres of vineyards, Loire Valley’s individuality is proven with Rochemenier troglodyte village. This old cave community has been part-restored as a museum, allowing school groups to learn about the living conditions experienced during the 1930s, in houses carved out of stone. A unique attraction, students can wander around the amenities of this village, all impressively shaped from rock, including an underground chapel and classroom. Challenging students, this attraction offers a 30-minute guided presentation in French.



At WST, we have carefully selected our accommodation for school trips to Loire Valley. A popular option for educational tours is staying on-site at Futuroscope, or residing just a short walk away. We also arrange accommodation for the town of Tours, situated between the rivers Loire and Cher – a suitable location to explore several cultural sites, including the theme park. We recommend Hotel du Parc, Hotel Campanile Nouvelle and Hotel ibis, all of which have passed stringent guidelines, ensuring a comfortable and enjoyable stay.

Local Cuisine

Loire Valley Cuisine

Each of the accommodation we have selected for educational tours to Loire Valley provide breakfasts, packed lunches and evening meals, if necessary – ideal after a busy day exploring the sights. If you’d like to try the local cuisine, however, we can arrange reservations at a number of restaurants on your behalf that serve traditional French food. A favourite Loire Valley dish to try is rillettes. Similar to pâté, this meat spread, thought to have originated from Tours, is often made from Loire pork, and is characterised by its thick texture and bronze colour. Often served on fresh Loire bread, rillettes is a staple dish when visiting this region of France.

Hidden gems


Saumur Loire Valley

A historic town which dates to 4th century BC, Saumur is a captivating location. One of the town’s most popular attractions, Château de Saumur, has been the home of royalty, a former prison and even a manor house – and now resides as a place of interest and all-encompassing historic site. We would highly recommend a visit to the château for school groups, as students can explore the museum within, and its impressive collections.

Amongst the stunning fortress resides the town’s renowned riding school, which was founded in 1771, and became one of France’s main centres for horse riding. School groups can visit the equestrian site, learn about its history and watch impressive public performances.

Château d’Amboise

Chateau Amboise

The final resting place of Leonardo da Vinci, who is buried in the fortress’ chapel, the Château d’Amboise is one of many lavish castles in Loire Valley that we arrange tours to. A firm favourite with French kings from the 15th century, like several fortresses in France, it has had a turbulent and fascinating history, going from a royal residence to being all but abandoned during the 17th century. During its decline, parts of the castle were sadly demolished, but those that remain have been impressively restored to showcase its stunning renaissance design.

Patisserie Chocolaterie Bigot

Chocolatier Loire Valley

Also located in Ambroise is Patisserie Chocolaterie Bigot, a local chocolaterie and patisserie, founded in 1913. Upon arrival, students will learn about how this delicious treat is created, while experiencing the scents and smells of this rich confectionery. Of course, a trip to a chocolate factory wouldn’t be complete without a delicious taster session and striking demonstrations – helping your students to further understand this popular French delicacy.

WST Support

At WST, we arrange Loire Valley school trips which catapult students into an emblematic French world. If you’re looking for a breath-taking yet stimulating school trip abroad, why not consider this destination for your pupils? For more information on planning a school trip to Loire Valley, speak to a member of our travel team today, who will provide advice and assistance in arranging a memorable trip for your students.

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By combining the wonderful Futuroscope theme park with exploration of the region's beautiful towns and attractions, you will have a peferct trip involving education, culture and fun! 

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