History School Trips to Liverpool


The iconic city of Liverpool offers a great opportunity for students to explore history.

Our bespoke history tours to Liverpool feature a whole host of activities, including expert workshops, that relate to your learning objectives, while helping your students to create exciting case studies for upcoming examinations.

If you're studying one of the GCSE Thematic Studies which focus on Migration in Britain over the past 1000 years, we've just launched a brand new tour which will pick up on many of the key themes of this module. Why not take a look at the itineraries for our 1 & 2-day tours.


1-Day Study Tour - Migration

Tour Day 1

Depart for Liverpool. Visit the International Slavery Museum for a guided tour and workshops.
Meet your local guide for a walking tour of the city and key sites linked to Liverpool’s role in the Transatlantic Traffic in Enslaved Africans.
Depart for school.

2-Day Study Tour - Migration

Tour Day 1

Depart for Liverpool.
Meet your local guide for a walking tour of the city and key sites linked to Liverpool’s role in the Transatlantic Traffic in Enslaved Africans.
Check in to accommodation. Evening meal in the city.

Tour Day 2

Visit the International Slavery Museum for a guided tour and workshops.
Check in for your River Explorer Cruise - Mersey Ferry. Enjoy some free time exploring the Royal Albert Dock.
Depart for school.

Curricular Links



Thematic Study: Britain - Migration, empires and the people: c790 to the present day




Thematic Study: Migrants in Britain, c800- present day



GCSE - History A

Thematic Study: Migration to Britain c.1000 to c.2010.




Thematic Study: Changes in patterns of Migration, c.1500 to the present day

Study Visits

Walking Tour

This walking tour, starting at Liverpool Lime St station, will visit many of the city's key sites linked to the transatlantic slave trade.

  • William Gladstone statue – Gladstone's father, John, was a leading slaver.
  • Liverpool Town Hall – last act of the American Civil War.
  • Exchange Flags – where slavery deals were made
  • Confederate Embassy of the American Civil War, Rumford Place
  • Martin’s Bank
  • Goree – main road by the waterfront named after the Senegal prison
  • St Nicholas
  • Graving Dock


Merseyside Maritime Museum

Merseyside Maritime Museum exploring the city’s maritime history through the ages. Its collections consist of objects and archives connected to ships, boats, life at sea, the port of Liverpool and its connection to the world.

Groups can enjoy a self-led visit, make use of the worksheets  and trails provided or book one of the museum’s workshops.

The International Slavery Museum

Found on the on the third floor of the Merseyside Maritime Museum, this museum highlights  the international importance of slavery, both in a historic and contemporary context. It is located in Liverpool’s Albert Dock, at the centre of a World Heritage site and only yards away from the dry docks where 18th century slave trading ships were repaired and fitted out. The three main galleries focus on the following themes:-

  • Life in West Africa - Exploring the story and culture of Africa and its peoples, who are central to the story of transatlantic slavery
  • Enslavement and the Middle Passage - Revealing some of the brutality and trauma suffered by enslaved Africans on the voyage across the Atlantic; then the oppression of their lives on plantations in the Americas.
  • Legacy - The continuing fight for freedom and equality; the contemporary impact of transatlantic slavery, such as racism and discrimination; and the achievements of the African Diaspora.

Old Dock Experience

The Old Dock was constructed in 1715 at the mouth of the Pool but, with increasing numbers of ships using the port, it was struggling to cope. In 1708 the merchants who controlled Liverpool Corporation employed Thomas Steers, one of Britain's leading canal engineers, to find a solution. He converted the mouth of the Pool into a dock with quaysides and a river gate. It was now possible for ships to load and unload whatever the state of the tide - a revolutionary facility.  The tour is highly engaging and a must for any group studying Liverpool’s history.


Seized! The Border and Customs uncovered’ Gallery.

Located in the basement of the Merseyside Maritime Museum the gallery allows you to enter the world of the Customs officer – a dark and unseen world of smuggling, intrigue and danger. One of the key themes is anti-smuggling. This includes detective work, crime fighting, patrolling frontiers and investigation. In uncovering this story you will reveal some of the clever tactics of the criminal, and discover some of the methods to catch them.


Museum of Liverpool

The world’s first national museum devoted to the history of a regional city and the largest newly-built national museum in Britain for more than a century. Exhibits showcase popular culture and tackle social, historical and contemporary issues of Liverpool’s region in an accessible, engaging manner. More than 6,000 objects bring Liverpool’s incredible heritage to life, celebrating thousands of years of the city’s achievements.

The Museum of Liverpool offers a wide range of educational opportunities, making it an ideal place to engage learners of all ages from formal education and community groups.

Cultural Visits

The Albert Dock

The Albert Dock is a firm Liverpool favourite, a top British heritage attraction, it should be on the agenda of every visitor. Located on Liverpool's stunning waterfront, the largest collection of Grade I listed buildings in Britain is part of Liverpool's designated UNESCO World Heritage Site.


The Beatles Story, Albert Dock

The Beatles Story, Albert Dock is the world’s largest permanent exhibition purely devoted to the lives and times of The Beatles. The exhibition is located on the UNESCO World Heritage site at the Albert Dock and will guide you through the music, culture and story of the band that changed the world.


Mersey Ferries

A River Explorer Cruise is a must do experience and the only way to see and enjoy Merseyside and Liverpool’s iconic waterfront and UNESCO world heritage site. Departing hourly, the 50 minute experience sails between Pier Head, Liverpool and the Wirral peninsula and a journey can be selected to suit each and every day out.


The British Music Experience

The newest addition to Liverpool's colourful music offering, moving to its permanent home in the first-class passenger lounge of the iconic Cunard Building.

This is a fun-packed interactive journey through popular music from the end of the second world to the present day charting musical milestones from the birth of rock and roll to the punk revolution to pop icons.  


The Liverpool FC Story

At Liverpool Football Club's interactive museum, The Liverpool FC Story, visitors can discover over 120 years of LFC history and explore football, past and present, with the help of state of the art technology and never seen before displays.

Also at the museum, visitors can take a tour through the Halls of Fame. To enhance the experience, every visitor is provided with a multimedia handset. there's interactive games and activities including 'place a penalty' where they can take a penalty at the European Cup final!


Liverpool ONE

A spectacular shopping destination near the waterfront, where you’ll find the biggest and best range of Liverpool shops. Located at the heart of the city centre. Liverpool ONE is a shopping experience that has something for everyone.