Geography School Trip to Lanzarote

This ‘Island of the 100 Volcanoes’ with its amazing lunar landscape is located 77 miles from the African mainland. The extremely dry climate and the erosion caused by the common winds explain the fact that vast areas are still devoid of almost any vegetation.

Lanzarote’s superb range of natural wonders make for an excellent trip for GCSE and A Level students, and thanks to its superb climate, it can be visited year round. Our specialist Geography team will provide you with your ideal itinerary.


Tour Day 1

Flight to Lanzarote where you will be met by your guide who will escort you to your accommodation for check in
Evening meal and free time for local orientation

Tour Day 2

A full day excursion to the geographical sites of Timanfaya & the Volcanic Coast
Evening meal at your hotel, before ten pin bowling

Tour Day 3

A full day excursion exploring the Geographical Gems of the North
Evening meal at your hotel, watch hotel entertainment

Tour Day 4

Enjoy a unique Submarine journey before travelling to the airport for your return flight home

Curricular Links

A WST tour to the Lanzarote will support the study of elements of the following exam board specifications:



Section 3.1.1: The challenge of natural hazards

                3.2.3: The challenge of resource management         

A level

Section 3.1.3 Coastal systems and landscapes

        3.1.5 Hazards


GCSE - Level 1/Level 2 GCSE (9 - 1) in Geography A (1GA0)

Component 1:   Topic 2 - Weather hazards and climate change

Component 2:   Topic 6 - Resource Management

Level 1/Level 2 GCSE (9 - 1) in Geography B (1GB0)

Component 1:   Topic 1 - Hazardous Earth           

A level

Topic 1: Tectonic Processes and Hazards

Topic 2: Landscape Systems, Processes and Change


GCSE (9–1) in Geography A

2.3 Environmental threats to our Planet

GCSE (9–1) in Geography B

Topic 1 – Global Hazards

A level

Topic 1.2 – Earth’s Life Support Systems

Topic 3.5 – Hazardous Earth



Key Idea 3.1: Tectonic processes and landforms

Key Idea 3.2: Vulnerability and hazard reduction

A Level

Section 1.3: Tectonic Hazards

Study Visits

Your Expert Local Guide

One of our highly experienced guides will accompany you each day including meeting you at the airport on your first day. The guides are very knowledgeable and have been guiding the sites for many years, making them a vital part of your tour.   

Timanfaya & the Volcanic Coast – Fully Guided Day

Experience the devilish terrain and dramatic landscapes of Lanzarote’s number one attraction - Timanfaya National Park. The lava beds are seen on both sides of the road as you approach the Fire Mountain and the scenery becomes more reminiscent of the surface of the moon with lava formations and volcanic craters.

Demonstrations will show you the violent forces beneath the earth’s crust, proving that the volcano is not extinct, only dormant, before a 40 minute guided coach tour of the parks volcanic highlights.

Students love the short camel ride which will take students in pairs over the volcanic dunes, which lie at the entrance to the Timanfaya National Park.

You will also explore the coastline, passing by the colourful Salt Flats of Janubio, and stopping at the dramatic rocky inlet of Los Hervideros (‘the boiling ones’) with its crashing waves and intriguing blowholes, where the Timanfaya lava meets the Atlantic Ocean.

When stopping in El Golfo village your guide will escort you to see the Green Lagoon known as “El Charco de los Clicos” connected to the sea through underground cracks, yet green due to the large number of plant organisms in the water.

Your coach will make a stop in the beautiful village of Yaiza, which has received several prizes for its conservation, before you pass through the beautiful vineyard area of La Geria. Examine the traditional method of grape growing in this volcanic area and take a short guided tour of a 17th century winery.

Geographical Gems of the North – Fully Guided Day

An action packed day full of spectacular sites for geographers and geologists in the North of this compact Island. Together with your guide, travel through the town of Haria, sitting in a lush green valley and known as the ‘Valley of 100 Palm trees’ due to its contrast to the desert like conditions of the rest of Lanzarote.

The first stop is the spectacular 479m high viewpoint of Mirador del Río. From the tourist centre at summit of the Famara mountain range you’ll have a magnificent panoramic view of the 3 islands known collectively as ‘Archipiélago Chinijo’ Europe’s largest Marine Reserve.  

Back on the coach, your next stop will be at an “Aloe” plantation farm, which has seen a boom in production and trade here. Witness a demonstration of the farming and growth of Aloe Vera as a health product and how it is now exported worldwide.

You will then visit 2 popular attractions which are actually part of the same 4 mile volcanic tunnel, formed as a result of a series of eruptions of La Corona Volcano 3,000 to 5,000 years ago.  First is ‘Jameos del Agua’, spectacularly enhanced by Cesar Manrique, a famous local artist. The sites have both natural and man-made swimming pools as well as an auditorium built into the cave. 

A species of indigenous blind albino crab can also be seen here and Geographers will be very interested in the 'House of Volcanoes’ on site which contains numerous exhibits about volcanology in the region. The second visits, also part of the same volcanic tunnel is only a 5 minute coach journey away and is known as “Cueva de los Verdes”. This part of the lava tube, known as the Tunnel of Atlantis hosts a fascinating underground tour, with a surprise ending to wow your students!  

Afterwards, you can chose to add on a visit to the Cesar Manrique Foundation –a magnificent building which used to be his old studio-home that impressively combines the volcanic rock with his unique architecture as he used the natural formation of five volcanic bubbles to create his rooms.

Teguise Market & Cesar Manrique’s Foundation


Take the chance to do some serious shopping at one of the biggest outdoor markets in Spain – Teguise market. Teguise was Lanzarote’s capital until 1852 and is famed for its Sunday stall-fest. Over 360 stands cram into its pretty plaza and cobbled streets, selling a plethora of suitable souvenirs, clothing and food,  all in a carnival atmosphere by Canarian dancers and panpipe bands. When you want a breather from browsing, Teguise is well worth a look with its pretty churches, or visit a pavement café.

Afterwards, if you haven’t already been, you will have the chance to visit the Cesar Manrique Foundation –a magnificent building which used to be his old studio-home that impressively combines the volcanic rock with his unique architecture as he used the natural formation of five volcanic bubbles to create his rooms.

Aqualava Waterpark Day

Ideal sized school groups and well contained, there are a choice of modern slides, rapids and a wave pool. We include your lunch in this day with a range of popular options. We arrange lockers to shares and you will receive a free photo of your group on site. The park is watched over by life guards and there are free sun loungers!

Submarine Safari

Experience a dive on board a real submarine which will take your group over 30m below the waters of the Atlantic Ocean. Your 1 hour dive has a tour guide on board who will give a comprehensive explanation about the dive as well as the underwater life you encounter. Do not forget your cameras to record this amazing event. On-board the submarine you will be allocated your personal in front of a personal viewing port.

Rancho Texas Park Full Day 

This fascinating park is predominantly an animal park but also has an excellent water park section with slides and swimming areas. This is a fun day for groups to relax and also see some fascinating animals and displays, including a bird of prey show that your group won’t forget! There are also white tigers, sea lions, komodo dragons and more! Your day pass includes lunch in the American saloon.

Volcano Trekking (3 hrs approx)

The Volcanoes Nature Park together with Timanfaya National Park is the protected area which represents the recent and historical volcanism of Lanzarote because they are covered by the eruptions that took place in 1730-36 and 1824. 

With your specialist guide, students will be able to walk across lava flows & ascend to volcanic cones where it´s possible to find spectacular craters, lava tunnels, lava lakes, and more. All the volcanic structures are well preserved due to the arid climate of Lanzarote. The evolution of vegetation is very slow, therefore the landscape is like a huge open-air museum of volcanology. It will also be possible to understand the slow but constant rebirth of life upon the lava.

This visit will help us to understand how was our planet millions of years ago and how work its inner forces and, at the same time, marvel with a landscape of another world. Walking shoes required.

Jeep Safari (4.5 hrs approx)

For groups between 18 and 30 people. 

Discover Lanzarote and its marvellous landscapes in a different way. With small groups you can enjoy this trip in a comfortable Land Rover Discovery Jeep. Heading to the north of the island, you’ll stop at Omar Sharif's old house called LagOMar, following the legend he lost it in a bridge game.

Then make your way to the centre of the island driving through Lanzarote's old capital and most exponent of traditional architecture: Teguise. After a short photo-stop continue and soon start the off-road part of your tour.

Here you will be amazed by the extraordinary landscapes of various volcanoes, for example the "Montaña Quemada". We will drive along the La Geria Wine yards, where you will discover the secrets of Lanzarote’s very rare and unique wine. We also will pass by the impressive Fire Mountains of the Timanfaya Park, Lanzarote's most famous volcano, before we start our journey back to the hotel.

Cultural Visits

Hotel Meeting Rooms use in the Evenings

Most of our hotels are happy for groups to make use of their facilities for evening catch-ups or quizzes or a space to gather. 

Hotel Entertainment

Our accommodation options have organised evening entertainment throughout the year for all guests to enjoy.


A popular way to spend the evenings, our group can bowl at the Leisure Centre Santa Rosa which also has crazy golf on site, and is open every day.  We can pre-book your slot for you.

Rancho Texas Country Night

Step into the Wild West for a great night out. Take your seat and enjoy the famous western style BBQ buffet. Then it’s party time in true western style with colourful dance demonstrations, comedy, a whip and lasso show and then dance the night away to the Texas bandits. This famous western-style night out is a must. A highly enjoyable evening with BBQ food, soft drinks and a range of entertainment included.