Trips To Lanzarote

The fourth largest of the Canary Islands, Lanzarote offers geography students an incredible opportunity to explore its volcanic terrain and epic rock formations. Home to Timanfaya National Park, the protected area is the location of the island’s only active volcano, Timanfaya, and the geothermal activity has also granted Lanzarote with a breath-taking lunar landscape. We offer the following school trips to Lanzarote.

Top Attractions

Timanfaya National Park 

Home to an array of natural wonders, Timanfaya National Park is an essential part of any geography field trip to Lanzarote. Boasting over 100 volcanoes, the park sprawls over 50km² and was once the location of the longest and most powerful volcanic eruptions ever recorded. Lanzarote’s dry climate and common winds have also resulted in the park having a unique, barren landscape, making a fascinating study for budding geographers.

Mirador del Río

One of the best places to get unparalleled views of Lanzarote’s spectacular scenery, Mirador del Rio is a 479-metre-high vantage point at the end of the Risco de Famara range. After your coach drives you to the top of Mirador del Rio, geographers will be presented with jaw-dropping views of the volcanic landscape, as well as of nearby island, La Graciosa.

Cueva de los Verdes 

Cueva De Los Verdes

Situated in the northern municipality of Haria, the Cueva de los Verdes is one of the most extensive lava formed caves on the planet. Created around 3,000 years ago, lava flows from the adjacent Monte Corona volcano carved their way through the earth leaving spectacular caves once the lava drained away. A fantastic opportunity for geography or geology students, exploring this volcanic tunnel can significantly enhance students’ understanding of the cooling and solidification processes that formed the caves.  


Lanzarote’s size means it can all be explored from one base. We can provide a high standard of accommodation in either Costa Teguise or Puerto Del Carmen.

The rooms are apartment style, with usually three students in each apartment. Our options have excellent facilities for school groups including meeting spaces, swimming pools, evening entertainment and buffet style evening meals with a variety of choice.

Local Cuisine

Most hotels in Lanzarote operate on a half board or full board basis, therefore groups can eat together in the hotel dining room. At lunchtime, we recommend packed lunches however some groups are happy to stop at buffet style restaurants at a mid-point of their daily excursions. 

Pimientos De Padrón

If you’d like to sample a few local dishes during your trip, the cuisine on the island has strong Spanish influences and traditional dishes often feature fresh fish. To get a real flavour of Lanzarote, we’d recommend trying papas arrugadas, potatoes served with a garlic sauce and spices; sancocho, a fish stew made with salted sea bream; and pimientos de padrón, a tapas dish made up of green peppers cooked in sea salt and olive oil.

Hidden Gems

Teguise Market & Cesar Manrique’s Foundation

If your group is visiting Lanzarote on a Sunday, exploring the Teguise Market is a great way to spend a relaxed afternoon. Boasting an array of traditional crafts, clothing and food stalls, as well as live entertainment, the Teguise Market is the largest of its kind in the Canaries. The nearby César Manrique Foundation is also worth a visit, with the art galleries containing works by Picasso, Miró and Manrique himself.

Playa Blanca 

Playa Blanca Lanzarote

Despite being a volcanic island, Lanzarote is home to a few picturesque white sand beaches on its south coast. If you’re looking to add a little rest and relaxation time to your visit, a trip to Playa Blanca is only 37 kilometres from Arrecife and boasts beautiful golden beaches to enjoy.

Monte Corona

The volcano that created the Cueva de los Verdes, Monte Corona is also worth exploring. Now dormant, the volcano stands at a height of 605 metres and has a vast crater at its centre. When the Monte Corona erupted along with its neighbouring volcanoes around 5000 years ago, the amount of lava produced caused the surface of the island to almost double in size. Today, you can still identify the area due to its lack of vegetation.

WST Support in Lanzarote

Your highly experienced guide will accompany you each day, including meeting you at the airport upon your arrival. The guides are extremely knowledgeable and have been leading tours for many years, ensuring you get the most out of your visit.   

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Leanne's Expert Tip

Lanzarote's size means the whole island can be explored and it has a number of fascinating geograpical sites to visit. Try to avoid school holiday dates for the cheaper flights!

Top tip from Leanne, our Geography Expert