Science and Technology School Trip to Geneva

Situated along the banks of Lake Geneva at the foot of the Alps, Geneva sparkles as one of Europe's most beautiful cities. Home to several exciting educational visits including the popular CERN facility which is within very easy reach, this is a unique destination where GCSE and A level Science and Technology Students can experience a trip to remember.


Tour Day 1

Morning flight to Geneva and transfer to your accommodation by train
Visit the Natural History Museum
Explore the local area

Tour Day 2

Full day at CERN including 3 hour guided tour and time at the 'Universe of Particles' and 'Science Gateway' exhibitions
Free Time

Tour Day 3

Visit the History of Science Museum
Catch train back to Geneva airport for your flight home

Curricular Links

A WST tour to the Geneva can support the study of elements of the following exam board specifications:





·         Atomic structure and the periodic table

·         Bonding, structure and the properties of matter



·         Energy

·         Particle model of matter

·         Atomic structure

·         Forces

·         Space Physics


Combined Science

·         Life and environmental sciences




·         Particles and radiation

·         Kinetic Theory

·         Waves

·         Fields and their consequences

·         Nuclear physics

·         Astrophysics


Combined Science

·         Biology: Plant Structures and their functions

·         Biology: Ecosystems and material cycles

·         Chemistry: Atomic Structure

·         Chemistry: Fuels and Earth Science

·         Physics: Conservation of Energy



·         Nuclear and Particle Physics

·         Working as a Physicist

·         Waves and the Particle Nature of Light

·         Kinetic Theory



Combined Science

·         Living together: food and ecosystems

·         Life on Earth: past, present and future


·         Newtonian world and astrophysics

·         Particles and medical physics

·         Field and particle physics



(Science – Double Award)

·         Plants and photosynthesis

·         Ecosystems & human impact on the environment

·         The ever-changing Earth

·         Making use of energy

·         Classification & biodiversity


·         Kinetic Theory

·         Particles and nuclear structure

Study Visits


At CERN, the European Organization for Nuclear Research, physicists and engineers use the world's largest and most complex scientific instruments to study the basic constituents of matter – the fundamental particles. The particles are made to collide together at close to the speed of light.

Guided tours

A group tour of CERN lasts about 3 hours and comprises an introduction followed by a film and visits to experimental areas and/or to an accelerator. All tours are guided by volunteer staff members of CERN. 


CERN also offer groups the opportunity to also visit two permanent exhibitions at their own pace.

Universe of Particles:  Dedicated to CERN’s main missions, this exhibition allows you to confront the great questions of contemporary physics, currently being explored by the CERN via the Large Hadron Collider and others.

Microcosm:  In this exhibition you will explore the mysteries of the universe and discover the massive apparatus used by physicists, the accelerators and detectors, and see how each part works!

Please note all guided tours and exhibition visit to CERN are free, must be booked directly by the school with CERN and you are advised to book early.

International Red Cross and Red Crescent Museum

An excellent, highly interactive and sophisticated museum providing information and background on the Red Cross, the oldest and largest humanitarian organisation in the world.

At this fascinating and emotive visit, groups can chose to take a guided tour or a self-guided audio tour of the permanent exhibition called The Humanitarian Adventure. Its 3 areas, ‘Defending human dignity’, ‘Restoring family links’, and ‘Reducing natural risks’ present contemporary problems that are of concern.

Walking Tour: Geneva, A Green & Sustainable City

Whether to renovate an industrial district, develop a city park as a nursery for seedlings and a source of honey, meet the needs of conservation and modernisation of the botanical gardens or supply energy to an entire international district, Geneva is determined once and for all to follow a strategy of “100% renewable by 2050”. These investments in heating, rational management of electricity and water, public lighting, mobility and climate, make Geneva one of Switzerland’s top-performing cities and earned it the European Gold Label for energy cities in 2010. 

United Nations

An highly informative one hour guide tour will give your group an insight into the history and the modern workings of the United Nations. The tour includes the Assembly Hall, other important chambers & rooms and an informative short film.

The Museum Of Natural History

Geneva’s favourite museum is 8,000m2 in size and welcomes 250,000 visitors each year. Inside regional fauna is represented, along with mammals, birds, frogs, toads and insects too, and one whole floor is devoted to the Earth and the history of humankind. You are also invited to visit temporary exhibitions on future scientific challenges, current issues or environmental protection.

World Meteorological Organisation

The UN system's authoritative voice on the state and behaviour of the Earth's atmosphere, its interaction with the oceans, the climate it produces and the resulting distribution of water resources. 

Favarger Chocolate Manufacturer Tour

Favarger is also an experience just waiting to be shared. Nothing could be better than embarking on a voyage into the world of the Manufacture and discovering Favarger’s history and craftsmanship, dating back to almost 200 years. And, this is why we organise guided tours of the Manufacture on request.

During this 90 min tour you will discover the history of Favarger, of chocolate and you will visit the Manufacture. You will learn all about how we make our chocolate, from the cocoa bean to the chocolate that you find in our shops. So that your experience lasts a little longer, all our visitors leave with a tasty souvenir in the form of Favarger products to savour at home.

Monday to Thursday at 10:00 and 14:00. Friday at 10:00.

The History of Science Museum

Venture into the city’s scientific past and witness the origins of many ideas and breakthroughs. The museum displays an intriguing collection of scientific instruments from the 17th to the 19th century. This includes microscopes, telescopes, sundials, astrolabes and ornate globes.

SIG Energy Pavilion, Verbois Dam and Solar 3 Power Station Tour  

The modern exhibition at the SIG Energy Pavilion tells the amazing story of electricity: the mysteries of its production, the ingenuity of its distribution and its impact on the environment. New renewable energy sources are presented in a practical way through colourful explanations, films, models, and interactive activities. 

The Dam is the largest source of electrical energy production in Geneva. Changes in the flow of the Rhone at the Seujet dam allow the Verbois works to produce electricity at times of high consumption. 

SIG Solar 3 is one of the biggest solar power stations in Switzerland with a surface consumption equivalent of two football pitches. It produces enough electricity for approximately 300 homes in Geneva.

Vessy Waterworks Guided Tour

The old waterworks at the Vessy site harbour numerous historic pieces including a hydraulic construction with a dam and sluice gates, pressure pumps for drinking water, a turbine group alternator and a diesel engine. The quality of the natural site, the buildings, the works of art and the machine park inspired its renovation in 2007.

Bois-de-Bay Treatment Plant Guided Tour

Opened in April 2010, this water treatment plant treats wastewater from several regions and disposes the rejected water in the Allondon, a stream known for its organic qualities and beauty. The wastewater is treated in permanence to protect the quality of the river Rhône where the treated water ends up.        

Les Cheneviers Guided Tour

The Cheneviers plant treats and recycles urban, agricultural, industrial and special waste according to the principles of sustainable development. Every year, the plant treats around 250,000 tons of waste. A third is waste from Geneva: 80,000 tons arrive by river boats on the Rhône every year. This mode of transport replaces 50 – 70 trucks by day.

Seujet Dam Guided Tour

The development includes a dam with two channels, a lock on the right bank and a hydroelectric factory on the left bank. The dam has three functions: control the level of Léman Lake, regulate the flow of the Rhône, and produce electricity. The works release stored water into the lake at times of high electricity consumption in the canton. The construction also includes a fish ladder with 21 pools and a passage for beavers.

Jet d’Eau Guided Visit

One of Geneva’s most well-known symbols since 1891, the Jet d’eau (water jet) epitomises the ambition, dynamism and international renown of a city that respects the environment and always looks ahead. Take a one hour guided visit of the workings of this famous jet which reaches 140m in height.

The Swiss Plasma Center (Formerly Centre for Research in Plasma Physics)

The Swiss Plasma Center is Switzerland's major plasma and fusion laboratory. Its main goal is to participate in the worldwide development of this new energy source through strong education and research programmes.

Scientists at the prestigious Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne will gladly introduce your group to plasmas, fusion and their related experimental devices during a one hour guided tour including the tour of the tokamak fusion reactor.

By visiting the site, students will get to learn the basic principles of plasmas and fusion and will also get the chance to see the devices used during their research including the tokamak fusion reactor, the only one of its kind in Switzerland. This will all be presented in the form of a one hour tour delivered by one of the onsite scientists.

Located in Laussanne 40 minutes from Geneva and we can easily arrange a 1/2 day coach for you.


The Swiss capital still enchants its visitors with its charm and diverse attractions and events. Take a tour of Einstein’s House where he lived as he discovered the Relativity Theory. The Houses of Parliament, Cathedral, Rose Garden and the Historic clock tower (Zytglogge) with its moving figures, are not to be missed.

Cultural Visits

Lake Geneva Cruise

On this one hour cruise on the lake, you will discover the main attractions of the shores of Lake Geneva: the stones of Niton, the water, the Black Harbour, Villa Diodati, the United Nations building, the castle of Bellerive, the little mermaid and many others. An opportunity to visit and admire the wealth of one of the most beautiful lakes in Europe. Cruise takes place from mid-February to mid-December. 


Always a popular evening activity! We can hire lanes at a local bowling alley to entertain your students.

Walking Tour: The Essentials Of Geneva

Explore all the facets of Geneva! A tour with commentary will tell you everything about Geneva past and present. Become immersed in the history of Geneva, Capital of Peace, as you pass through the green and tranquil district of international organisations. Stroll along the cobbled streets of the Old Town, dominated by the magnificent Saint-Pierre Cathedral. Take in the sights and sounds of the world’s most beautiful harbour and the famous Water Jet, symbol of the city.

Walking Tour: The Old Town And Its Treasures

Geneva, as you don’t know it… yet. In the company of a professional guide, discover the Old Town of Geneva, Switzerland’s greatest historic city, dominated by St-Pierre Cathedral, the centrepiece of the Reformation. Explore the area’s narrow streets with their shaded terraces, each one home to numerous treasures from Geneva’s history that your guide will reveal to you. Appreciate the Reformation Wall in its exceptionally verdant surroundings, a monument to the people who made Geneva the “Protestant Rome”.

Museums And Galleries

Geneva is home to more than thirty museums and galleries presenting a wide array of cultural and historical offerings. From the ultra-modern Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art to the ancient Maison Tavel, Geneva’s museums capture the full spectrum of the city’s history and major cultural influences.


City Centre – Designer retail stores and world famous watchmakers line the streets packed with window shoppers. Situated in-between the lake and the old town.

The Old Town – If you’re looking for art or antiques, the Old Town is the place for you.

Centre Balexert: The largest mall in Geneva with over 110 stores including designer outlets, a grocery store and a movie theatre. Located opposite the Ibis Budget accommodation. Transport: Take Tram 14 or 18 to ‘Balexert’.

Manor Department Store: The largest department store chain in Switzerland with everything you need under one roof from electronics to cosmetics.

Globus Department Store: Perhaps the ritziest shopping centre in Geneva with lots of designer labels and high end jewellery as well as gourmet grocery store on the ground floor complete with wine.

Leanne's Expert Tip

When staying in Geneva, public transport is free! Most visits are within easy reach, but we can provide private coaching if you prefer.

Top tip from Leanne, our Specialist Tour Consultant