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A spectacular Scottish city, Edinburgh is a bustling, vibrant destination, offering a mixture of outstanding views, beautiful neoclassical buildings and iconic historical sites that students can explore. At WST, we arrange educational school trips to Edinburgh that transport groups into a world of fun and excitement, as they wander quaint Scottish streets, try the local delicacies and learn about the history of this beautiful country. An all-encompassing itinerary can be devised that ensures each school group gets the most out of their time away, taking the pressure off tour leaders who can also enjoy this captivating city. In Edinburgh, it’s very easy to forget you’re still in the UK.  

We arrange educational tours to Edinburgh for the following subjects:

Top attractions

Edinburgh Castle

Edinburgh Castle

Edinburgh castle has a dominant presence overlooking the city below, which marks it, unsurprisingly, as a must-visit attraction for educational school trips. Playing a fundamental part in the country’s history, some of the fortress dates to the 12th century, while the iconic Great Hall was finished in 1511. Various rooms in the castle take students on a journey into its history, from the Royal Palace, where Mary Queen of Scots gave birth to James VI, to the stone vaults underneath the Great Hall, which once held prisoners of war. Students will also be awe-struck by the Scottish Crown Jewels, which are housed in the castle, and can be viewed alongside an accompanying exhibition.

Camera Obscura and the World of Illusions

 Camera Obscura

A magical, unique experience for school trips, Camera Obscura is an outstanding optical illusion experience and the oldest attraction in the city. A rooftop chamber provides breath-taking panoramic views of Edinburgh – but that’s not where the entertainment ends. This chamber offers a unique opportunity to spy on passers-by, pick up pedestrians and run riot with the traffic – all part of the Camera Obscura’s live, animated optical illusion experience. Other areas to explore include an Aladdin’s cave packed with mind-boggling illusions, tricks and puzzles, and a Vortex Tunnel, which challenges visitors to stay on their feet.

The Real Mary King’s Close

 St Marys Close

Delving into Edinburgh’s past usually leads school groups to The Real Mary King’s Close, a haunting underground world brought to life by costumed performers. The Real Mary King’s Close is a set of streets in the Old Town area of Edinburgh, where, in the 1600s, traders sold goods. The area was shrouded in mystery for years, and several myths have revolved around this enigmatic area. But what really happened there? All is revealed in an dynamic, exciting and creepy experience, bringing students even closer to the foundations of Scotland’s past and offering an insight into the lives of Scottish citizens during this period.

Local Cuisine

Local Cuisine

There’s no denying that several Scottish delicacies are famous around the world, with many undoubtedly raising a few eyebrows. Scotland’s local cuisine is unique – like the country itself – and should be experienced fully when visiting Edinburgh.

From buttery Scottish shortbread to deep fried Mars Bars and Irn Bru, students will have plenty of opportunity to experience the local delights on a school trip to Edinburgh. However, a national dish that has fascinated the world, and one that your students should definitely try, is haggis. Traditionally a tender lamb (heart, liver and lungs), oatmeal pie, combined with onions, salts and spices, haggis offers a burst of flavours encased in a sheep’s stomach – although now there are a variety of casing alternatives available. With a peppery kick, delicious meat and comforting oat flavours, haggis is a truly unique, warming, must-try Scottish dish.



At WST, we carefully select all of our accommodation for educational school trips, including those situated in Edinburgh. We want to ensure your group has an enjoyable, comfortable stay, which is why you can expect accommodation located just a short journey into the city centre, and one that provides a comfortable stay for large school groups.

Hidden Gems

Dynamic Earth

How was Earth created? Dynamic Earth is a fascinating exploration of the forces of nature that have shaped the world we see today, taking students on an awe-inspiring interactive adventure. From the polar ice caps to the attraction’s Deep Time Machine, where visitors can see the big bang with their own eyes, this attraction opens students’ minds to the world around them – and answers questions they never even thought to ask.

National Museum of Scotland

Visiting Edinburgh unveils the stories behind this domineering country that has made it great. But, there’s even more to learn. The National Museum of Scotland hosts an eclectic selection of exhibitions, with each offering in-depth workshops and events that are perfect for students. Find out what’s on at the National Museum of Scotland which your students can get involved with. 

Mercat Ghost and History Tours

A city filled with haunted vaults, secret underground lanes and a ghostly past, pupils can revel in the stories that lie above and below Edinburgh that would otherwise be concealed. To uncover these mysteries at the heart of this beautiful city, it’s all about exploring. History walks and ghost tours show a side to Edinburgh you would never have known was there. Ghost walks in an exciting and terrifying storytelling format really are one-of-a-kind, and a fantastic activity to do in a destination flowing with heritage. History walks take you around Edinburgh’s iconic landmarks, walking the footsteps of royalty and delving below ground level for further investigation. At WST, we arrange captivating ghost and history tours with Mercat, offering a selection of exciting private tours. 

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At WST, we provide exciting school trips to the UK and abroad that students can enjoy. Edinburgh is a vibrant, dynamic city that makes a fantastic reward and enrichment trip – with plenty of fun things to do and packed with countless learning opportunities. For more information on a school trip to Edinburgh, why not speak to a member of our travel team today?



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