School Trips & Tours to Christmas Markets

Looking to book a school trip to the Christmas markets? These winter student trips and tours are fantastic opportunities for pupils to practise their French and German language skills in a festive atmosphere.

To get started, you can take your pick of city tour destinations across Europe. School Christmas market trips to Cologne, Lille, Berlin, and Aachen are all available – or you can swap France and Germany for the sights, sounds and delicious smells of the UK Christmas markets.

Our experts will then be on hand to book every detail on your behalf: from school trip accommodation to tickets, tours, and restaurants.

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I am absolutely and happily going to use and recommend WST again. Your customer service throughout has been great, your communication and speed of response was also brilliant, thank you for making the organisation of both trips as pain free as possible, you could not have done more to support us.

Bolingbroke Academy, Lille and Aachen, December 2013

School trips to Lille Christmas markets 


Centred around a picturesque city in northern France, our Lille Christmas market student trips take in a wealth of festive foods and crafts.

French language students can practise their speaking and listening around shopping and tourism themes. The free WST Lille Christmas Quiz will encourage them to find their away around the markets, asking questions and reading signs.  and with sights like Napoleon’s Palais des Beaux-Arts, there’s plenty of French art and history to discover too. Just don’t miss the chance to have a ride on the Ferris wheel while you’re there!

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School trips to Aachen Christmas markets


Our Aachen Christmas market student trips offer enriching experiences for both German language and history students. Situated near the borders of both Belgium and the Netherlands, Aachen was once the residence of Charlemagne, Emperor of Rome, and offers a long and fascinating past for school tours to explore.

The markets, meanwhile, are nestled among historic buildings – including the 1,200-year-old Aachen Cathedral. There, your pupils can use their German vocabulary to order the famous Aachen Printen – a spiced variety of gingerbread unique to the city – or a classic Christmas wiener schnitzel. The choice is yours! 

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School trips to Cologne Christmas markets 


Our student trips to the Rhineland Christmas markets allow your pupils to visit not one, not two, but SEVEN Christmas markets, all with plenty of opportunities for pupils to practise their German.

Boasting the Rhineland’s largest Christmas tree, the stalls in the shadows of the gothic Cathedral are a firm favourite for Cologne school tours. All your students need are a handful of Euros, a few key phrases in their back pockets, and the free WST Cologne Christmas Quiz and they’re sure to have a fantastic, festive time.

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School trips to Berlin Christmas markets


If you’re looking for an all-round German Christmas Markets experience, look no further than a Berlin school tour. With over 80 separate markets and thousands of shopping stands to explore, plus skating rinks, fire artists, and endless festive food, the capital city is the ultimate destination for your student trip to Germany this Christmas.

However, a Berlin Christmas markets student trip offers more than just shopping. Pupils can also practise their German language skills, pulling out phrases related to food & drink, shopping and getting around.   Non language students can learn about history and art at places like the world-famous Brandenburg Gate and East Side Gallery. In this city, there’s no end of opportunities to enhance your studies among the bright Christmas lights.    

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School trips to UK Christmas markets


Want to give your students a chance to bond after a busy Autumn term? A Manchester Christmas Markets school tour, London Winter Wonderland school trip, or Edinburgh Christmas Market student trip could be just the ticket.

With award-winning shopping stalls, fabulous festive food, and wonderful wintry activities like ice skating available across the UK, your students will be spoilt for choice about what to do first. Fortunately, our expert itinerary-builders are here to help you build the perfect festive enrichment school trip to your chosen UK destination.

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