School Trips & Tours to Brussels

Belgium’s capital city is an international political hub, home to both the headquarters of NATO and the European Union. Aside from its commanding position on the world stage, Brussels boasts a blend of different cultures and an abundance of charm. With numerous picturesque cathedrals, the Grand Palace and some of the world’s best chocolate all vying for your attention, it’s hard not to fall in love with this enchanting city. We offer the following school trips to Brussels.

Top Attractions

Grand Palace 

Brussels Grand Palace

If you’re planning a school tour to Brussels, you can’t miss out a visit to see one of the city’s most spectacular tourist attractions, the Grand Palace. Dominating Brussel’s central square, the palace’s opulent exterior is a mix of architectural and artistic styles from across Europe. The stunning building is also surrounded by cafes and chocolate shops, providing students with the perfect opportunity to indulge themselves!


A must for any student with an interest in politics or economics, the Parlamentarium is the European Parliament’s Visitors’ Centre, providing pupils with a great opportunity to gain a unique insight into the heart of the European Parliament. A tour around the building offers numerous learning opportunities about key members, the democratically elected representatives and what it means to be part of the European Union.

Town Hall 

Brussels Town Hall

Opposite the Grand Palace is the Brussels Town Hall, a building which rivals the palace for its impressive architecture. The Gothic building is definitely worth exploring, and for students who are up for a challenge, you can climb the 96-metre-high tower to see incredible panoramic views of the city.

Brussels Accommodation

We offer a couple of popular choices for school groups, with most choosing to stay at the Sleep Well Youth Hostel.  It's been completely renovated and is well located, just 10 minutes away from the central Grand Place and North Station.

Local Cuisine

Belgium has certainly mastered some of our favourite foods and is of course renowned for its world-class chocolate. We can’t imagine many students will protest at sampling this sweet treat, but we certainly recommend you persuade any that do!

Belgian Chocolate

However, since it’s not recommended that you spend an entire week gorging on chocolate, we’ve got a few other Belgian classics for you to try. Chicon Au Gratin, a ham and endive gratin covered in melted cheese, is popular with locals and visitors alike, and if you’re in Brussels, you have to purchase a Belgian waffle during your trip.

Hidden Gems

Museum of the National Bank of Belgium

The Museum of the National Bank of Belgium is a great opportunity for students to discover the history of currency in Belgium, as well as all over the world. Providing a key insight into the financial world, the museum covers everything from ancient monetary practices to the currency change and how the euro is used today.

Royal Park 

Royal Park

A beautiful green space in the heart of the city, Brussel’s Royal Park is definitely worth a wander. The park is surrounded by the Royal Palace, Belgian Parliament and the US Embassy, and usually has plenty going on with outdoor shows a regular feature.

Concept Chocolate visit and Workshop

One of the most fun activities to do in Brussels, making your own chocolate is a great way to round off your trip! The workshop involves letting pupils make any of the Concept chocolates they fancy, as well as teaching them about the various stages of production. 

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Nici's Expert Tip

Many of the study visits including the European Parliament are free or of little cost, so Brussels represents great value for money and can be reached by coach or Eurostar.

Top tip from Nici, our Specialist Business Studies & Economics Expert