School Trips & Tours to Brittany

Just a short ferry ride away from England’s south coast, Brittany is a cultural hotspot in the north-west of France perfect for budding French linguists. With numerous heritage sites, unspoiled beaches and plenty of opportunities for French language classes to practise their language skills, Brittany is both a practical and beautiful school trip destination. Take a look at what subjects are catered for on Brittany school trips, and which attractions are on offer.

Top Attractions

Mont Saint-Michel 

Mont Saint Michel

Located on the coastal boarder between Normandy and Brittany, Mont-Saint-Michel is an island which seats a 2,000-year-old monastery at its summit. Also boasting around fifty shops to explore during the ascent, the religious buildings aren’t the only reason this island is worth a visit on your Brittany school tour. Mont-Saint-Michel is a tidal island set only 600 meters from land, meaning before the permanent causeway was constructed, the island was once only accessible at low tide and completely cut off from the mainland at high tide.

Château de Dinan

Residing in the walled Breton town Dinan, Château de Dinan is a 14th century fortified castle constructed for the Duke of Brittany. A great opportunity for pupils to learn about Brittany’s history, the medieval castle features two tall circular towers, a dungeon, and a moat and drawbridge, as well as a chapel to explore.

Quimper Cathedral 

Quimper Cathedral

Roman Catholic cathedral and national monument of Brittany, Quimper Cathedral, otherwise known as the Cathedral of Saint-Corentin, can be found in the rustic French town of Quimper. The Gothic cathedral features both beautiful stained-glass windows and classic 15th century architecture. School tours interested in religion, art and of course French, will appreciate this wonder to behold and it's beauty. Make sure you look out for the unusual curve in the middle of the cathedral when you wander through!

Brittany Accommodation

The port city of Saint-Malo offers a good base from which to explore the region and has a number of attractions itself for your school tour. Travel time when disembarking your ferry is minimal and the accommodation options we use are tried and tested with school groups.

Local Cuisine

Only being on the other side of the English Channel, you may find you and your class have sampled some of Brittany’s local dishes here in the UK. With Brittany having a long expanse of coastline, seafood is a recurrent feature on menus in the region. If you’re feeling brave, why not try a local favourite, moules (mussels) or indulge yourself by sampling a few oysters. Be warned though, they’re not to everyone’s tastes! 


For those less adventurous but still looking to get a flavour of the local cuisine, make sure your school group grab a crêpe or a galette, the French versions of sweet and savoury pancakes, both of which are occasionally sold as street food. 

Most of our range of hotel accommodation are able to provide breakfasts, packed lunches and evening meals, allowing you the choice of eating in or dining out. We would recommend at least half board accommodation as its likely you will find somewhere suitable for lunch.  

Hidden Gems

Côte de Granit-Rose 

Côte De Granit Rose

Tucked away on the northernmost stretch of Brittany’s coastline is the Côte de Granit-Rose, a collection of striking pink granite boulders which cover more than thirty kilometres of the coast. The pink rock type can only be found at two other places on earth, Corsica and China. The unspoiled coastal stretch in Brittany is also home to the Fort-la-Latte, an impressive castle with medieval gardens which students can explore!

Carnac Stones

Brittany is also home to one of the highest concentrations of megalithic sites in world, most of which date back to 4,500 BC – that’s about 1,500 years before the Ancient Egyptians! The village of Carnac boasts over 3,000 prehistoric standing stones, and although they may not appear to represent ancient settlements, the various sites include burial chambers, standing stones and alley tombs. 

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Nichola's Expert Tip

Brittany is often overlooked but is very accessible from the UK. The range of language and cultural visits are excellent and all within close distance making a compact educational trip.

Top tip from Nichola, our Specialist Modern Foreign Language Expert