School Trips to Belgium

An easily accessible destination for pupils, school trips to Belgium provide plenty of fantastic resources for students to study business and economics and learn about World War I. With Brussels home to the European Parliament, the Parlamentarium, and the European Commission, the Belgian capital offers a wealth of information about how politics and European legislation affect business and trade deals around the world. Ypres is also a great destination to research World War I, with the In Flanders Fields Museum offering a variety of moving exhibitions and captivating testimonials.

At WST, we can help you arrange your entire school trip to Belgium from start to finish. From recommending accommodation and travel options to highlighting key study visits which fit in with your learning objectives, our in-house destination and subject specialists can help you design a bespoke Belgium school trip for your students.

We offer the following brilliant school trips to Belgium:

Top Attractions


A fantastic opportunity for students studying World War I, Ypres is home to an abundance of learning resources about the conflict. Often combined with a trip to the Somme, the city was the focal point of the Battle of Ypres, which consisted of a series of encounters between the German and Allied forces.

Students visiting Ypres can visit the brilliant In Flanders Fields Museum and the Hooge Crater Museum, as well as observe the Menin Gate Ceremony and explore the trench system at Bayernwald’s Croonaert Wood.

Sanctuary Wood & Hill 62

Belgium 5 

The Sanctuary Wood is one of the last remaining places on the Ypres Salient Battlefields where the original trench layout can still be observed. Pupils studying World War I will be able to view what the trench system would have actually looked like, providing an unparalleled insight into the life and conditions of the soldiers caught up in the conflict.

WST's Expert WWI Guides

Our expert World War I guides can accompany your students from your arrival in Ypres and to each of the sites you visit. Offering a wealth of information about all our Ypres study visits, all our guides are members of the International Guild of Battlefields Guides and will be able to answer your students’ questions throughout the tour, giving you more time to focus on your pupils.

European Parliament

Belgium 6 

Economics and business studies students can take a tour of the European Parliament, exploring the legislative function of the EU. Tours usually last around one hour and are taken by an EP official, who will introduce the role and work of the European Parliament. If parliamentary business allows, this can also sometimes be followed by a discussion with an MEP. If the parliament is in session, students may be able to observe MEPs debating live.



At WST, we have a number of brilliant accommodation options for all our Belgium school trips. We can place your students in the heart of the action and within walking distance of attractions, or in quieter areas a bit further out. We have accommodation to suit all group sizes and budgets, letting you choose places to stay which are right for your students.


Local Cuisine

Belgium 7 

With Belgium famous for many culinary delights, students in Brussels or Ypres are sure to be tempted by many of the treats on offer. A school trip to Belgium certainly wouldn’t be complete without trying some of the nation’s world-famous chocolate, however there are also plenty of school friendly places to eat full meals. We can suggest great places to eat in all our destinations that are popular with students.


Hidden Gems

The Stella Artois Brewery

A visit to the Stella Artois Brewery will allow your students to learn the secrets of the brewing process and how this world renowned beer is produced. Pupils can observe the brewing hall, filtration and filling point, and how the bottles, cans and kegs are filled at an incredible speed. Soft drinks are available for students under the legal drinking age after the visit.

Parlamentarium: The European Parliament's Visitors' Centre

Belgium 8 

The Parlamentarium is a great way for students to get to grips with the function of the European Parliament. With dynamic and multimedia displays guiding pupils through the journey of European integration, the exhibitions showcase how it impacts our everyday lives. Pupils can also listen to accounts by fellow Europeans explaining what the Union means to them.

Auction of BelOrta

Often a hive of activity, the Auction of BelOrta is Europe’s largest co-operative auction association. With the staff sometimes handling up to 3000 tons of vegetables per day, a guide can take your students through the history of the Auction of BelOrta. Students will learn about how the auction system came to be, as well as how it works and has developed.


Why WST?

At WST, we can help you with every aspect of arranging your school trip to Belgium. Our in-house destination and subject experts will also be on hand to offer support throughout the duration of your trip, and are ready to provide assistance with whatever you may need.

We’re proud to be the only school travel provider with a Government Standard Customer Service Excellence award, as well as to have won Best School Tour Operator at the School Travel Awards four years in a row.

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