Spanish Language School Trip to Andalucía

Andalucía is a beautiful region begging to be explored! Our language workshops allow GCSE and A level students learning Spanish to practice their language in a structured workshop environment before heading out to test their skills in the historic cities of Seville, Granada, Cordoba and Malaga. From learning through language workshops and in real life situations, your Spanish class will have an educational experience of a lifetime that they can bring back to the classroom.

Each city has so much to offer and together can create a varied and highly rewarding trip for your Spanish school trip, so take a look at a sample itinerary below to get started.


Seville 4 day trip

Tour Day 1

Daytime flight and transfer to your accommodation.
Evening meal and free time to explore

Tour Day 2

Take a 2 hour guided walking tour to orientate you with the key sights of the city.
Visit Seville's Medieval Cathedral, then walk over to the famous Real Alcazar
Evening meal at hotel

Tour Day 3

Take a 1 hour boat trip and then have a guided tour of the Maestranza Bullring and Museum.
Visit to the Museum of Flamenco Dance
Watch a Flamenco Show at the Museum of Flamenco and Dance then return to your accommodation for a late evening meal.

Tour Day 4

Enjoy and free time before you flight purchasing some last minute souvenirs. Transfer to airport for your return flight to the UK

Malaga 4 day trip

Tour Day 1

Daytime flight and transfer to your accommodation.
Evening meal and free time to explore

Tour Day 2

Your coach will take you to Granada for a full day of exploration. Visit the amazing Alhambra Palace and orientate yourselves around the city with a guided walking tour.
Evening meal at hotel

Tour Day 3

Language workshop followed by time in the historic Old Town area of Malaga.
Enjoy a ride on the impressive Benalmadena Cable Car and take in the truly amazing views.
Evening meal at a local restaurant before watching a Flamenco Show!

Tour Day 4

Enjoy and free time before you flight purchasing some last minute souvenirs. Transfer to airport for your return flight to the UK

Curricular Links

A WST tour to Andalucía will support the study of elements of the following exam board specifications:




3.2.1 Listening: understand and respond to spoken language

3.2.2 Speaking: communicate and interact in speech

3.2.3 Reading: understand and respond to written language

3.3 Grammar



3.2. Political and Artistic Culture

3.2.1 Artistic culture in the Hispanic world

3.3 Grammar





Paper 1 – Listening and understanding in Spanish

Paper 2 – Speaking in Spanish (esp. Task 1 – Role Play)

Paper 3 – Reading and understanding in Spanish



Theme 1 La evolución de la sociedad Española (esp El impacto turístico en España)

Theme 2: La cultura política y artística en el mundo hispanohablante




2.1 Listening: understand and respond to different types of spoken language

2.2 Speaking: communicate and interact effectively in speech

2.3 Reading: understand and respond to different types of written language

Study Visits

Language Schools

Our excellent Language School partners in Andalucía provide the perfect platform for advancing student speaking and understanding skills on their trip. Start the day with a session tailored to your trip’s itinerary or study focus before putting the learning into practice afterwards in your other daily activities.

We can provide professional language workshops in Malaga, Seville or Granada. We recommend our Malaga school as it is closer to our accommodation bases.

E3 Trail

We are delighted to have teamed up with E3 Trails, the UK’s premier educational trail writer, to offer an interactive activity for Spanish language students. An E3 Trail is a journey of discovery which empowers students to engage in an enjoyable learning adventure whilst visiting the chosen location. Typically taking two-three hours, a Trail is a self-guided walk around many iconic sights of the location of your choice, punctuated with a wide variety of interesting tasks and challenges which your students complete in their teams. The competition element adds an extra edge to the activity as teams vie for the right to be declared the winners. The addition of an E3 Trail to your school travel itinerary will make your time abroad a truly memorable and rewarding experience.

Guided tour of Malaga, Seville, Granada or Cordoba

A guided tour on foot or by coach is the perfect introduction to these cities, giving you the opportunity to get your bearings around the city and to see all the major sights and landmarks.  Each of these cities has so much to see, and out partners in resort are vastly experienced in delivering walks taking in the highlights.  If required they can also act as site guides and give your students a tour of a specific historic site such as Malaga's Alcazaba or Granada's Alhambra Palace UNESCO Site.

If you want to work on your students’ language skills we can request the tour to be delivered in Spanish.

Flamenco Lessons

A highly enjoyable activity getting to grips with this traditional dance.  It is a great way for your students to throw away their inhibitions and improve their language skills whilst having fun. This can be done in each of the city locations as well as taking in a show with or without a meal.

Language Use at Cultural Visits

Please click on the 'Cultural Visits' tab above to see the wealth of visits in this region where Spanish Language use can also be encouraged. 

Cultural Visits


Málaga has weathered the centuries in stride and is one of the oldest Mediterranean seaports. The landmarks reflect the city's checkered past - ruins of a Roman theatre, a 10th-century Moorish castle built on the remains of a Phoenician lighthouse, the 13th-century Alcazaba, and a beautiful Baroque basilica. 

Besides history, Málaga offers the beautiful scenery of the Costa del Sol and great weather combined with culture such as the impressive Picasso Museum. There’s also the beautiful stretch of beach with leafy palm trees lining the seaside promenades. Málaga's Old World ambience enchants visitors who take the time to explore. 

Top Visits include;

• Guided Walking Tours in Spanish or English

• Alcazaba de Malaga (Ancient Moorish Castle)

• Malaga Cathedral

• Picasso Foundation Birthplace Museum

• Castillo de Gibralfaro

• Tivoli World Amusement Park

• La Conception Botanical Gardens

• Malaga FC Stadium Tour

• Flamenco Shows, with dinner option

• Guided Tapas tour including dinner

• Bullring tour and museum

• Aquavelis Waterpark

• Crocodile Park

Benalmadena Cable Car

Within easy reach of our accommodation options, this amazing 15-minute journey in a four-person cable car takes students right up to the highest point on the Málaga coast at an altitude of almost 800m above sea level. From this superb vantage point, you not only have the most magnificent views of the Costa del Sol, but also the awesome panoramic vistas of the Sierra Nevada mountains, the Guadalhorce Valley and on a clear day you can see Gibraltar and the coast of Africa. The peak has a series of well signed paths, over a total distance of 2,750 metres, which take visitors to different viewing points that offer exclusive views of the Costa del Sol. 


In Seville, elegant edifices, old-fashioned street lamps, and horse-drawn carriages create a magical ambience, and the sights are as stunning as the atmosphere. Seville's cathedral is the largest Gothic church in Christendom with a majestic tower that was once the minaret of a great mosque. Another relic of the Moorish past, the Alcázar Royal Place dazzles and the Giralda 12th Century bell tower is a famous city site. Discover the charm of this quintessential Andalusian city in the peaceful courtyards and winding alleys of the medieval Barrio Santa Cruz. 

Popular visits include;

• Guided Tours with monument access

• Seville Cathedral & Giralda Tower

• Real Alcazar (Royal Palaces)

• 1 hour Guadalquivir River Cruise

• Cooking Lessons including meal

• Maestranza Bullring & Museum

• Seville FC Stadium Tour

• Museum of Flamenco Dance

• Flamenco Show , with dinner option

• Barrio de Tianana ( Historic Quarter)

• Ten-Pin Bowling

• Aquopolis Water Park

• Isla Magica Theme Park


Córdoba lives in the shadow of its monumental past. During the 10th century, it was the greatest capital city of Europe, surpassing Paris and Rome in its academic, architectural, and artistic achievements. This fascinating Andalusian city is still a kind of western Mecca because of La Mezquita, the UNESCO-listed mosque that is one of the most splendid Islamic buildings in Europe. Another appealing aspect of Córdoba is the old town with its characteristic Moorish atmosphere and historic Jewish quarter (Judería)  a charming labyrinth of narrow, winding streets; quiet squares; and whitewashed houses featuring colourful flower-adorned patios. The Alcázar de los Reyes Cristianos is also very popular.

Top Visit options include:

• Mezquita (Great Mosque)- Guide Optional

• Alcázar de los Reyes Cristianos

• Old Jewish Quarter Tour

• The Roman Bridge

• Calahorra Tower Guided Tour

• Aqua Sierra Water Park

• Flamenco Show (dinner option)


Granada is a place of breath-taking beauty at the foot of the Sierra Nevada Mountains. This mystical city was the capital of a Moorish kingdom from the 13th until the 15th centuries. The hilltop fortress of the Alhambra Palace is a top attraction and is a real must see. The Albaicín (old Moorish town) and the Alcaicería (spice market) are popular as is the colourful fabulous flamenco dancing  found in the caves of the Sacromonte (Gypsy)quarter.  The Science Museum offers an excellent modern option for students.

Popular Visits include;

• Selection of Guided Walks & historic sites

• Alhambra Palace UNESCO Site

• Cathedral Santa María de la Encarnación

• Granada Science Museum

• La Alcaicería Spice Market

• The Albaicin Old Town UNESCO Site

• Sacromonte Gypsy Quarter

• 2 Waterparks

• Flamenco Shows & Dance Workshops

• Language Workshops

• Bowling