Business Studies & Economics trips to Amsterdam

Amsterdam offers a great experience for GCSE and A level business studies and economics students. A historic hub of trade and finance at the centre of the Dutch Golden Age, students can explore how companies have operated there across the last 400 years. Groups will also gain insight into how business works at scale by visiting the world's largest floral market at Aalsmeer and the impressive Rotterdam Port. 

Classes can learn about the capital's economic history but also enjoy what else the city has to offer with varied cultural activities. Take a look at a sample itinerary below for your business studies and economics trips and see which attractions are on offer during your school or sixth form college tour.


Tour Day 1

Depart for Amsterdam.
Check in to your accommodation and free time for orientation.
Evening meal.

Tour Day 2

Enjoy a guided tour of the fascinating city of Amsterdam .
After lunch Take a guided tour of the Gassan Diamond Factory.
Restaurant evening meal.

Tour Day 3

"Depart for Rotterdam. Visit the Floating Farm to see an urban solution for more sustainable animal farming insight big cities"
"Enjoy a Spido Boat Tour of one of the world's smartest ports. Go up Euromast, the icon of Rotterdam"
Restaurant evening meal.

Tour Day 4

Enjoy some free time in Amsterdam before setting off on your return journey to the UK.

Curricular Links



·         Basic functions & types of business

·         Different types of business

·         Organisational structures

·         Business aims and objectives

·         Environmental considerations

·         Business enterprise and entrepreneurship

·         Dynamic nature of business

·         Customer needs & good customer service

·         Market research

·         Importance of brand image

·         Identifying and understanding customers

·         Segmentation

·         Putting a business idea into practice

·         Making the business effective

·         Quality control

·         Production processes

·         Business location

·         Understanding external influences on business

·         Technology and business

·         E-commerce

·         Digital communication

·         HR and managing people

·         Quality control and assurance

·         Sustainability within business

·         Promotional methods

·         The finance sector




·         The nature and purpose of business

·         Different forms of business

·         Management, leadership and decision making

·         Meeting customer needs

·         The Market

·         Marketing mix and strategy

·         Setting marketing objectives

·         Managing people

·         Improving motivation and engagement

·         Entrepreneurs and leaders

·         Managing change

·         Raising finance

·         Resource management

·         External influences

·         Business objectives and strategy

·         Business growth

·         Operational performance

·         Increasing efficiency and productivity

·         Influences on business decisions

·         Setting financial objectives

·         Globalisation

·         Global markets and business expansion

·         Global marketing





Study Visits

Aalsmeer Flower Auction

The Aalsmeer flower auction in North Holland near Amsterdam Schiphol Airport is by far the busiest floral market in the world. Daily, around 20 million flowers are traded here. The auction is a market, when everything is sold it is over. The end time depends on the amount of flowers the growers bring to the auction the night before so the earlier you get here the more you see!

Visitors are welcome but must arrive early and only observe the action from walkways several meters above the flowers and the busy warehouse floor where mini transportation trains crisscross the world’s largest covered market at astonishing speed.

Heineken Brewery Tours

The Heineken Experience is a brand experience within Heineken’s oldest brewery, in the heart of Amsterdam. In 1988 the former brewery closed down, because we got too big for our boots. Today, the historical building serves as a venue where you can learn all about our Heineken heritage, the brewing process, our sometimes crazy innovations, our sponsorships and the story behind the star. You’ll also learn about the best way to taste and enjoy your Heineken beer.

Visitors under 18 are not allowed to do the Heineken Tour

Delft Pottery Factory

Royal Delft, established in 1653, is the last remaining original Delftware factory in Delft from the 17th century that still produces hand painted Delft Blue according to centuries-old tradition. Besides a visit to the factory you get to see our museum with an extensive collection of historic and modern pieces. Discover the history, craftsmanship and innovation of this royal museum during your visit.

Rotterdam Port – Spido Boat Tour

Experience the world's smartest ports in all its glory! Among the busy traffic of sea-going and inland ships, this trip is a special journey through one of the largest harbours in the world. You can see Rotterdam's impressive skyline with its imposing buildings glide by, and then get a unique view of the harbours shipyards, docks and the hypermodern transshipping of thousands of containers. Last but not least the tour will end with a view of the steamship 'Rotterdam', the former cruise flagship of shipping company Holland America Line. An exciting 75 minutes with clear descriptions of everything you see.

Euromast (Rotterdam)

The Euromast is the icon of Rotterdam. The tower has a height of 185 meters, which makes it the tallest of The Netherlands and cannot be missed in the skyline of the city.

Clara Maria Cheese & Clog Factory

Step back in time and take a look around the 160-year-old farm where Gouda cheese and wooden clogs are still made. A guided tour will not only give you a chance to look around and a taste the delicious fresh cheese but also do a bit of shopping and perhaps have a little sets of wooden clogs personally engraved.

Cultural Visits

Walking Tour

If you visit Amsterdam with a group of children at the age of 10 to 16, an educational walking tour is the perfect option for you. The educational part focuses especially on Amsterdam’s cultural and historical background, but our guides know how to tell compellingly for young visitors, so without making their stories too long or boring. You will learn about Amsterdam’s spectacular growth in the 17th century, but also how many bikes are fished out of the water every year!

Palais op de Dam (Royal Palace)

For more than 200 years, the Royal Palace Amsterdam has been one of the residences of the Dutch head of state. The Palace is the official reception palace of King Willem-Alexander and it is open to visitors!

School groups are welcome in the Royal Palace Amsterdam without a guided tour. There is no charge for an independent visit. Groups must register in advance. A free assignment booklet has been developed for secondary education students for the Moral Masters exhibition.


With over 400 masterpieces on display, the Rijksmuseum is dedicated to arts, crafts and history. Pieces in the museum tell the story of economic, artistic and political wonders of Holland’s Golden Age. Some pieces of work on display at the Rijksmuseum include; the famous ‘The Kitchen Maid’ by vermeer, Steen’s interpretations of daily life and around eighteen pieces by Rembrandt.

Rembrandtshuis Museum

A musuem dedicated to one of the greatest painters and printmakers in European art history and the most important in Dutch history. This museum provides almost a complete outline of Rembrandt’s life and work with collections including four of his original etching plates.

Van Gogh Museum

Home to over 200 canvases by the artist, making this the largest collection of his works in the world. The pieces of art give a real insight into both Goghs life and his work. Other artists who influenced him or were influenced by his work also feature at the museum, including Monet, Gauguin and Seurat.

Anne Frank Museum

Visitors are given the opportunity to see exactly how the Frank family lived. The rooms of the Secret Annex have been maintained in their authentic state thanks to conscientious preservation activities and the place where the helpers worked and Otto Frank's former office has been returned to the style and atmosphere of the hiding period.

Ajax Football Stadium

Home to Ajax FC, visitors can take a guided tour behind the scenes including the players tunnel, changing rooms, the pitch and the museum. Tours will not take place on event days.

Stedelijk Museum

The museum holds masterpieces from some of the biggest names in art and design such as; Mondriaan, Appel and Picasso. The Stedelijk has a great collection of modern and contemporary art and design.

Hermitage Museum

Housing permanent and temporary exhibitions of artwork belonging the the Hermitage Museum in Russia, including pieces from the three giants of the Antwerp School – Peter Paul Rubens, Anthony van Dyk and Jacob Jordaens.