What Has CERN Discovered So Far?

6 November 2015

Inspiring your students to pursue physics in higher education can be tricky. There’s no denying it can be particularly difficult subject to get your head around, but the prospect of being able to answer questions such as, ‘what is the universe made of?’ and ‘how did the universe begin?’ may encourage students to think about studying physics at A-Level and beyond.

Just like any other subject, getting your pupils out of the classroom and taking them to the heart of the action will always help to spark an interest in physics. CERN, the European Organisation for Nuclear Research, is home to the world’s largest and most complex scientific instruments and has had a significant role in shaping our knowledge of the universe today. To highlight importance of CERN’s ground-breaking discoveries, we’re looking back at their most significant milestones on the road to answering the big questions.