Top Places to Visit in 2020


6 November 2019

Although the end of 2019 is fast approaching, the school year is still going strong – meaning there’s no better time to start booking some action-packed school trips for the following months.

With this in mind, we’ve been looking back at some of our most booked destinations of the past year – from the dramatic landscapes of Iceland, to the emotional and inspiring stories of Ypres and Somme.

For those on the hunt for school trip ideas, these fantastic locations are sure to spark some inspiration for 2020.

Iceland trips

Home to some of the most breath-taking sites in Europe (and the world), Iceland is a one-of-a-kind destination that provides an unforgettable trip for students of all ages.  Famed for its unique landscape filled with volcanoes and glaciers, fantastic views of the spectacular Northern Lights, and its unpredictable climate, Iceland provides an excellent learning opportunity for both science and geography students year-round.


Iceland is the ideal place for aspiring geographers. With a wealth of activities to whet curious appetites, students can head out on themed days, each containing varied activities that allow them to explore Iceland in all its fascinating glory.

For an action-packed trip, rich with themed activities, head out on a Snæfellsnes Peninsular day excursion to take in the wonders of Iceland from this microcosmic peninsula. Described as ‘Iceland in Miniature’, here students can experience black and white beaches, bird cliffs, volcanic craters, trout and salmon rivers, as well as charming fishing villages.


Science students can also earn a wealth of knowledge from visiting Iceland – with some of the most fascinating natural occurrences all in one place.

The Golden Circle Day encompasses some of the country’s most stunning sights. Head over to the famous Srokkur Geysir to see a 30-metre-high fountain shoot from the ground, and visit the magnificent Gullfoss Waterfall, which plunges 32 metres into the ground.

European school trips

There’s no greater experience for those learning a new language than an immersion in the country’s culture.  With a multitude of destinations within our portfolio, students can head to cities in Spain, France or Germany to try their hand at mastering the local language.


For those studying Spanish, a visit to one of our fantastic cities offers the perfect opportunity to practise. We offer trips to Andalucía, Barcelona, Valencia, and the capital, Madrid – with each city providing its own unique take on Spanish culture and customs.  

Visiting Spain allows students to tap into curiosities and gives them the chance to learn more about the country by chatting to locals, soaking in the sights, and experiencing Spanish traditions.

France and Geneva

Whether heading on a walking tour of Paris, or to the UNESCO World Heritage sites of Brittany, we’ve got a whole host of destinations for French language learners to immerse themselves in.

Or, visit the Swiss city of Geneva, filled with chocolate shops, winding streets, and both scientific and political attractions, for an entirely different French language experience. Plus, our French Language Workshops offer listening and speaking sessions tailored to your trip’s itinerary.


With a number of trips available across Germany, there’s no shortage of activities for students learning Deutsch. From the contemporary art-scape of Berlin, to the traditional town of Bavaria and the UNESCO-filled landscape of Rhineland, there’s plenty of opportunity for students to flex their language skills, while enjoying the sights and sounds of a country packed with iconic culture.

Ypres and Somme

For those wanting to learn more about WWI, there’s no greater experience than hearing the stories of the soldiers while walking through the battlefields of Ypres and Somme.

Utilise WST’s host of expert WWI guides, who can accompany history students to different sites and impart knowledge on the key events of the infamous battles that are so ingrained in both British and French history.

Here, students can learn about the iconic Flanders Fields or Essex Farm Cemetery & Dressing Station, as well as seeing first-hand what war was like for soldiers by visiting a restored British dugout at Lettenberg Bunkers, and trying on the uniform and armour of a British soldier at Passchendaele Memorial Museum.

New York

When it comes to school trips, there is none more iconic than New York. This city is the pinnacle of culture, with its wealth of diverse attractions providing insightful trips for all kinds of subjects.

Famed for its wonderous skyline, alongside art museums, architectural treasures and world-famous landmarks, The Big Apple is a great destination for those studying Drama, Art, History, Religious Studies, Psychology and Sociology, Business Studies and even Maths.

Here, students can soak in the iconic sights of the Empire State Building, Statue of Liberty and Times Square, and seek out hidden gems in places like Brooklyn and South Street Seaport.