Top cultural holiday destinations for teachers

24 July 2014

The WST team are passionate advocates of giving school pupils the chance to discover some of the world’s most incredible destinations and educational sites. Nonetheless, we can still appreciate that sometimes, teachers need to take a break and enjoy these cultural hotspots on their own!

As the summer term draws to a close, we’ve chosen our top ten global destinations for teachers seeking more from their holiday than a trip to the beach. Whether you’re looking for rich history, beautiful architecture or awe-inspiring art, each of these locations has something truly unique to offer.


Rome is understandably top of many culture lovers’ lists, packed as it is with reminders of the city’s Roman heritage, religious significance and artistic prowess. From the Colosseum, to the picturesque Trevi fountain and Michelangelo’s world-famous painted ceiling in the Sistine Chapel, there’s an architectural wonder around every corner.

New Delhi

As one of the most populous cities in the world, the thriving city of New Delhi is like nothing in the Western World. Beyond the bustling crowds, you’ll find serene Archaeological parks, glorious mosques and the awe-inspiring Bahai Lotus Temple.


It may be a less exotic prospect for British teachers than other locations on the list, but it’s impossible to deny London’s virtue as a cultural centre. Drama fans can revel at the theatres of the West End, science and history enthusiasts have a plethora of free museums to entertain them, and creative types will enjoy the city’s many galleries.


While many are lured in by the presence of the Great Pyramid at Giza on the edge of Cairo, once there, they discover a whole host of other cultural wonders, from temples and traditional dance troupes to the Cairo Opera House.


Hungary’s tumultuous history, overtaken by numerous successive regimes right up until the fall of Communism in 1989, means the city is a melting pot of different cultural relics, from Ottoman bathhouses to the Neo-Gothic parliament building.

Machu Picchu

Nestled in the Andes mountains in Peru, the Incan citadel of Machu Picchu is not only surrounded by extreme natural beauty, but also offers a glimpse into one of the ancient world’s most fascinating civilisations.


The Belgian municipality of Ypres may be mentioned less often than grand capital cities, but its role as a battle point within World War One lends the area great historic significance.

Hong Kong

Amongst Hong Kong’s towering modern skyscrapers are poignant reminders of ancient Eastern culture and spirituality, including a 34 metre tall golden Buddha, the Taoist Wong Tai Sin temple and the Hong Kong heritage museum.

Washington DC

America’s capital city is unparalleled as a beacon of world politics, with instantly recognisable landmarks like the Capitol building, the Washington Monument, and of course the White House.


Barcelona is worth visiting for its unique arts scene alone, shaped largely by Catalan Modernist Antoni Gaudí, who left his stamp across the city through a range of surreal parks and buildings, including the still-unfinished Sagrada Família.

Have we missed one of your favourite global cultural hotspots off our list teachers? We’d love to hear your recommendations via Twitter too.