How Brewood School Used Trip HQ

2 July 2018

Brewood C of E Middle School recently took their students to Paris to visit the major sites including Disneyland Paris and the city centre. Throughout the trip Group Leader Nikki Kimber kept parents up to date using Trip HQ tour diary, the school’s secure information area for teachers and parents associated with the tour.

At what stage did you share Trip HQ with your parents?

I shared the information about Trip HQ with parents at the evening I held before we travelled (about 4 weeks before).

Did you share it with your students?

Yes I did as the children were present at the parents’ evening, but I also had a meeting with kids to sort out rooms and I shared it then and encouraged them to log on with their parents and show them how to use it.

Did Trip HQ tour diary help with reassuring parents before you travelled?

Yes I think so, but parents were generally twitchy anyway. It definitely reassured parents while we were away though and I have had lots of comments and thank you’s  about keeping them informed of our progress.

Did you get feedback from parents afterwards?

Yes, verbal feedback. They really liked the facility.

Will you use it again?

Would love to use it again as it was really valuable. I posted lots of photos so parents could see clearly where we were.