Free Classroom Poster: Learn About 10 of History’s Most Inspiring Women

27 April 2020

For young people especially, there is often nothing more inspiring that hearing the stories of people throughout history who have gone on to achieve great things. Whatever their favourite subject, learning about a person who has paved the way for the world today is a great way to inspire and motivate.

When it comes to influential women, there are thousands of bright-minded and pioneering individuals from a whole host of fields. From literature and art, to science and politics, there are countless women who have helped to mould our world as we know it.

In honour of those wonderful women, we’ve compiled a poster where your students can learn more about a cross-section of inspirational leaders. Whether hung in your classroom for literary inspiration, or given to students to take to home for artistic motivation, having this resource around is a great way to show what can be achieved when you put your mind to it.

Simply download your free poster today.