Free Classroom Poster: Discover Spanish speaking countries around the world!

23 April 2020

Spanish is a fantastic subject for students of all ages to learn; not only does it allow them to have a second language under their belt, but it also means the chance to learn about this fascinating culture from an entirely new perspective.

All across the globe, there are a whole host of countries that speak Spanish as their first or second language. Although most students might not realise it, knowing how to speak this diverse and popular tongue means the opportunity to broaden their horizons if they later decide to travel the world or study abroad – by being able to easily communicate with citizens of over 20 different countries.

Our map helps students to easily visualise the sheer scope of the Spanish language, by showing the locations of the most popular Spanish speaking countries around the world – from Spain itself, to the likes of Mexico, Panama and Venezuela.

Simply download your copy to hang in your classroom, or distribute to students at home to encourage learning Spanish throughout school.