Drama and Theatre Studies trip to London - A student's experience

On 7 January GCSE and A Level Drama students from Burford School travelled to London. Student Yvonne Dragnevska wrote this fantastic blog covering her time on the trip.

29 April 2022

Drama and Theatre Studies overnight trip to London  

On 7 January GCSE and A Level Drama students travelled to London for a thrilling and immersive weekend.  

Upon arrival in London, the students checked into their rooms at the hotel in Bloomsbury and got dressed-up ready for their first show. Before the production, the students went for a delectable meal at Pizza Express on The Strand, and then walked to Wyndham’s Theatre in Leicester Square.  Once there, they settled into their seats to watch an emotionally raw, awe-inspiring, production of ‘The Life of Pi,’ where the set, acting and puppetry combined to create a beautiful and extraordinary play. 


With the troops exhausted, they travelled back to the hotel for a night of sleep before the next fun-filled day.  

After a luscious breakfast at the hotel, students travelled to Danceworks London where they were immersed in a Greek Chorus workshop run by the inspiring Rich Gittins. The students took part in an inspiring and educational workshop exploring ‘The individual within the chorus,’ and experimenting with physicality. 


They then got the tube to the South Bank and visited Shakespeare’s Globe to see the spectacularly impressive Elizabethan architecture. This was followed by a delicious lunch at Borough Market.  


After lunch, students once again hopped on The Underground to ‘Gatsby’s Mansion,’ in Bond Street to indulge in a viscerally enticing and immersive production of ‘The Great Gatsby’. The atmosphere was vivid and lively, with the students, and even the teachers, interacting with the actors and learning to dance the Charleston. This immersive style of theatre was different from anything students had seen in theatres before, making it an unforgettable experience.  


After grabbing dinner at Covent Garden, the tired students got on the train back to Burford, taking with them many memories of an extraordinary trip to London!  

 Written by Yvonne Dragnevska